Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy Yarn Crawl

Crazy fun that is!
Well we only ended up going to 3 yarn shops and a beading store, and of course we stopped for lunch. It was a blast!
Here are some pictures of the events of the day:
Started out at Creative Fibers and found a few goodies.
Moved onto Webs, where I was completely overwhelmed, but managed to get over it so that I could hunt through for some more goodies. This is me standing near the entrance to their insanely large warehouse. Then while we were taking the following group shot, they saw that we were in a big group and gave us goody bags!! Woo Hoo! What's not to love! So in the next picture we are all searching through to see what we got.

Finally while waiting for our table to be ready for lunch a few of us ran over to Northampton Wools. This is a shot of the girls that made it over.

What a fun group, and a great way to spend the day! I now have 4 projects waiting to be made. They will all come after my cardi is finished....

Happy Knitting


gaylen said...

Where's the shot of the pile o'fiber? That's what we want to see. Okay - looks like it was a fun day. g

Channon said...

Um... we wanna' see (or at least be told?) what's in the goody bags too!