Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

The insane people that I work for would like to get another dog, that I will love and care for and walk and miss when I am gone.... as if Kati weren't enough. So they are looking at adopting (at least they are doing part of it right) Sally. Sally is about 5 or 6 months old and is a German Shepherd hound mix -you all know my love for hounds :)

Isn't she precious! S went to look at her yesterday, and G is taking Kati and Little Ann to go see her today.. which means we are pretty much getting her. I can hear little Ann whining with soo much animation "but she's so cute! Can't we just bring her home!!!" And G will melt like she always does, and we will have 2 Puppies under the age of 1! (Although Kati's Birthday is coming up in August)...

So anyhow, its not official but I think we're getting another dog, a cute one, that is supposedly already potty trained... I think she's cute :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

:( Munchkin Monday

So guess what little dan decided to do today?!  He went to the bathroom and then came out and I said "did you go potty?"
"did you flush?"
  So I went to go in with him and he said "Krystle, look!  Your phone!" all excitedly and was pointing into the toilet... and sure enough there was my phone in his pee in the toilet!  What was I to do but reach in grab it out and said "no tyler! What did you do"
"I just dropped it in!" (said with his little cute 'I did nothing smirk, that was definitely not cute at that moment)
 So I said "no" again
"oh, thats not good?"
"no thats not my phone is broken"
"oh, I'm sorry krystle"

So now my phone is sitting on the counter and I have taken all the pieces out (battery etc.) and I'm really hoping that it will dry out bc the last thing I need right now is for my phone to be added to the list of dead things that I own!  


(and yes, I washed my hands)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I never thought I was one of those people that couldn't do anything without their technology... but now I am realizing that the monster has been created.. and now its unleashed!!
I feel naked!
I arrived back in sunny Connecticut late on Sunday evening, and finally got an opportunity to call Gateway and Best Buy to try to recover my sadly dead computer. Last night I brought it into the Geek Squad and they said that it is either my keyboard that died or my hard drive, but either way its under warranty! (thank god!) So it will be back to my local Best Buy store in two weeks on average.. could be more, could be less... lets all hope for less!
The good news: I was able to purchase an external hard drive and back-up all of my pics, docs, and music!
The bad news: My computer is still broken, and I am finding myself lost without it....

What this means for anyone that might possibly still read my blog after the month+ long hiatus in my updating: I won't be able to get my pictures off of my broken camera, or update often (who am I kidding, I never updated that often to begin with) until I get my baby comes home. I may post some sort of an entry in about a week to give a brief update, which I will elaborate on with pictures and such when I can!

Until then... thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Guest Blogger

The Princess is still alive and well - she's just vacationing with the Little on Block Island in the New Jersey Sound. Unfortunately, the day after she left her hard drive crashed. She gave me all of her super secret passwords and asked me to let everyone know that she is taking lots of pictures, composing blog posts in her head and as soon as she can either get her (not that old) computer fixed or replaced she will be back to regular posting - with photos even.

Meanwhile - please carry on enjoying the summer without her, but don't forget to check back as she will return.

Thank you - gmarie (otherwise known as "The Queen" or Mom)