Monday, August 27, 2007

One Wonderful Weekend

I haven't had internet access for most of last week, so I was unable to update! We left on Wednesday to go to Southington, CT, which is about an hour north of Southport. Friday was Gwen's little sister's wedding, and little Dan was the ring-bearer!!! So we had to be up on Wed. for the rehearsals. Thursday, I got quite a bit done on my knitting while sitting by the pool with the Little's, and there cousins. We also went shopping on Thursday with the kids...note to self: don't take the kids into a toy store without telling them exactly how much they have to spend before hand...or tantrums will follow!! Dinner that night was quite eventful, I met half of Gwen's family (which is very large!) and on Friday at the wedding I met the rest of them. I had to get little Dan into his suit before the ceremony (he looked soo adorable, everything was way big on him!) The wedding was a beautiful ceremony...and then the reception was a blast! We danced alot! Saturday morning was a nephew's birthday so we all went out to breakfast to celebrate that event...then as we were leaving all of Gwen's family was giving me hugs and welcoming me to the family! It was really sweet!

When I got back home on Saturday afternoon from enjoying all of the festivities, I went to the hardware store to get paint samples. The colors I narrowed it down to are called dill (which will be on 3 walls), Bourbon (which is the more peanutty color), and Friar's Brown (which is the dark contrasting brown). So you all will have to help give me your opinions on which brown should cover the 4th wall! I loved the idea of the entire room being brown, but all of the browns that I like are way to dark, and I think if they were covering the entire room, it would feel green and brown it is!

I also paid a visit to the local craft store, and spent way to much money on some card-making and scrap booking supplies! (Why is it that I have all of the expensive hobbies?!) But I did turn out some lovely cards, here is a picture of one of them and then some envelope detail that I did as well.

Sunday, I had a quiet afternoon. Went and got some coffee, and made my way to my new favorite spot! One of the more quiet beaches here...and my coffee and my book planted ourselves for hours!

Oh and check this out!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've been busy!!

1st things first! Nobody signed up for my pay it forward game!! sad day! :(

So, I had a good weekend and I made some new friends!
Friday night I went out to dinner with Cara and some of her friends. Everyone had to get dressed up, because it was Cara's last night out. since we were already dressed for it, we decided to go out to the club. We went to this club in New Haven, and we danced the night away! it was a blast! At the end of the night we all exchanged phone numbers and they made me promise to hang out with them again!

Saturday I drove out to Poughkeepsie, NY to go help my friend Casey move into his dorm. We got to set everything up and then hang out for a while. It was good to spend time with a good friend from home!

Sunday At 9am I left the dorms, and found my way to the mall...I'm a girl its like a sixth sence right?! Unfortunately it wasn't the best shopping trip I've ever had. I didn't recognize 1/2 of the stores! Naturally I got upset and decided to leave. Once safely to the car, I called the Queen and she talked me into going back in and finding some damn capris! So I wound up with 3 pairs of capris, a clearance sweater for $4!, and a clearance dress for $4!! Great deals! So it ended up being a good day.

Monday started out as just another day with little dan and little ann. Little Ann stayed home with dad, while little Dan and I drove Cara to the airport. All of a sudden while driving home, little Dan became sick...I had to get off the freeway (no idea where I was) and clean up puke! Poor kid! Then by the time we got home, he was asleep so I took him upstairs for a nap. Except that at some point in his sleep he ripped his diaper off, so I then had to clean up gross pee bed! Later, we were playing, and he started crying agian, with seemingly no reason whatsoever, and when I picked him up, he vommed again...on me! I know I know, it isn't his fault, but it was pretty vulger! When he woke up from his second nap, I started dinner (this was at about 6pm. I get off at 6:30. So I run over to get Emma while the pasta water is boiling and then I come back only to get 'talked to' by the dad about how dinner should be earlier, even though little dan was asleep and sick, and little ann was at the neighbor's house. All in all not the best day!

Today! Today is going much better, I started moving into my room a little bit last night. I re-arranged to furniture, and put on my new sheets (housewarming gift to self), and the gorgeous comforter that the Queen mostly made, but i did do part of it!! Now little dan is napping, and I am putting the rest of my room together...So far so good. I like it! OH and I get to paint...I was thinking of going with a pale yellow, but that is the color of the guest room, so I think I am going to go with a brown color...not quite chocolate, but something brown...I will take pics once everything is all put together (probably before it is actually painted).

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

Friday, August 17, 2007

And now for the real update!

So, I finally finished my book! Which means I can try to kniti again!
Yesterday, little Ann went to work with her mom, so the day was way more laid back...while little Dan was napping, the previous nanny and I each took an hour break and got to leave the house. Since I haven't found all there is to do yet, I went and found what I know...starbucks!! Yummy...not as good as the little stands from home, but better than the drip coffee from dunkin dounuts! (man I'm a coffee snob!) Then my coffee and I went and found...Marshall's, the discount clothing store. I was hoping to find some capri's or long shorts, b/c I packed all of mine in a box that has yet to arrive, and one pair of cpari's, a handful of skirts, and some long denim, just don't cut it in this heat! I need! more options!! BUt instead of finding any bottoms, I found 3 cute new shirts on the clearance rack for a total of $18!! hooray!

This weekend I am going off on an adventure to help a friend. I will be driving to poughkeepsie so that I can help my friend Casey move back into his dorm. I am excited to see him, because I don't have any friends yet, and it will be good to spend time with someone who knows me.
I will leave sunday morning, and on my way back...I found the route to a mall! I bet I can find some capri's there! They have some stores that I have never heard of, and some familiar ones to, so it should be fun to look around...and I am only allowing myself 2 pairs of new more! I must be strong!

Oh and tonight, the previous nanny has envited me to join her and some friends for dinner and some drinks at a local bar. Hopefully that will be fun!

I have gotta run to go get some errands done before little Dan wakes up and little Ann comes home with her mom from their hair appointments!

Have a good weekend!
Oh and i figured out the links!! Check out the Queen's page!

A fun copied from the queen!

It’s based on the movie with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey in it called ‘Pay It Forward’..How many of you out there have had a chance to watch it? I love that kind of world. I originally found this on ,Linda's blog; but her comments were full. I followed the commenters for awhile and then gave up. Today, while clicking on a link over at Nicole's blog, I found it again at Grace's blog.

Pay It Forward meme

I will send a handmade gift* to the first three people who leave a comment requesting to join this Pay It Forward exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your journal.

My handmade specialties are knitting, card-making, and scrapbooking

If you reply to this post please inclue your email address so that I can have a way to contact you!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh the excitement!!

So...I haven't posted in a while! I have been busy with little Dan and little Ann, knitting, ripping out my knitting, re-knitting, and trying to finish my book!

With the kids, it has been a pretty quite week. Until this evening. Today I started late, and then Gwen, the neighbor lady, and the previous nanny (Cara), went out to dinner to have a good-bye thing for Cara, b/c it is her last week. The kids and I were having pizza and playing at the neighbor's house when little Ann started screaming!! I came running to see what was going on, and she came flying out towards me with blood spouting out of her mouth, and running down all over her. I rushed her home (leaving little dan behind), and got her to tell me what had happened. Long story short, they were playing and something slammed into her already loose tooth! Blood everywhere, and waterworks aside, she asked me to pull it out the rest of the way! I didn't really want to, but I felt it and it was hanging on by a thread, so I pushed it a little and it came out! Now it rests, eageerly awaiting the tooth-fairy! I think that was the most excitement I have had here since i aarived! Talk about adventure!!

As far as my knitting wasgoing, I was examining it and found a hole!! So I proceeded to rip it out and begin again. but with only 6 chapters left of HP I have been giving my attention mostly to the book...which explains why I haven't updated!! But I have only 10 pages to go, and then my life will go back to normal....or my version of it!

oh...P.S. I haven't been able to do the links again...I don't have a chain icon on my page, I just have a spell check option (which may need more use!) and, one to add pictures...nothing that adds links...I guess I will have to call the queen while posting my next blog and have her give me the step by step!

Thanks everyone for your efforts on miss techno challenged!

Monday, August 13, 2007

What a great weekend!

Saturday was fantastic, as I have already noted. Sunday was great as well!

I found the beach that I got lost going to earlier in the week, and I just layed out and read for two and a half hours (until I was so hot and sweaty that I couldn't stand it anymore!!). I promptly removed myself from the heat and watched a couple of movies while continuing on my latest knitting project...yes-another scarf! Anyhow I got quite a bit done on it!

We had delicious bbq steak for dinner (my fave!) and then I proceeded to read another chapter of Harry Potter before I was off to sleep.

This week I am overlapping with the previous learn some of her routine and tricks with the kids, and then I will be on my own. It looks like it is going to be a pretty sweet week, 2 nannies, 2 kids, 2 two hour long naps for little dan, and little ann running off to the neighbors to play all of the time...looks like I'm getting paid to do whatever! Maybe I'll finish a lot on my scarf and start on the new stash...which has no solid plans yet! Oh and I'll be needing the queen to send me some more of that sea green yarn I'm working with! *thanks!*

We'll see!

Oh and could someone try to explain to me how you make the links where I could say "the queen" and if you were to click on it, you would be taken to my mom's page? Teach me, teach me!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lovely Day, Lovely Day....

Today was just that! I got to go out and explore the town! and thanks to all of you commenters! I found a decent cup'a'joe, got my pet stuff ordered online, and finished everything on my to-do list and then some!

I found the small town knitting shop here! So adorable--and with all the goods inside. I initially left my wallet in the car to try not to spend any money. But after feeling up all of the yarn they had to offer, I couldn't resist a few new faboulous options! So I got: A skein of chunky baby alpaca in white, by Misti Alpacea; 2 skeins of cashmerinoin a smokey teal color, made by Debbie Bliss; and another Debbie bliss, in a dark charcoal, this one cotton denim aran and stonewashed. All of which are sooo soft and luxurious! :D I love yarn! I also love wooden needles! So I got some new ones made of rosewood, which i've yet to use.

So needless to say, my afternoon of knitting turned into an afternoon of shopping!! And then I did some excellent sightseeing of my lovely new town! Here is the new view:

and by the way...I'm not naked in all of my pictures, it just so happens that the majority of my favorite dresses (and I love wearing dresses and skirts) are strapless! One of these days, I will manage to get the dress in the photo to, and you will see, they are quite lovely

Friday, August 10, 2007

Something familiar

Today it rained! I love the fresh scent of the rain, I love how it seems to clear the air, and the loud sound it makes when the large droplets collide with the roof! I absolutely love the rain!

Due to the rain, today we spent the majority of our day inside...Little Dan and I built a new and extravigant train track, while little Ann ran some errands with mommy. Then we spent hours playing on the tracks until it was naptime. And I actually had a little bit of a break to myself! (if you even believe it!) Everyone was out to the store, and with little Dan asleep, I was able to read some of my Harry Potter! -I am only on #6 though so I don't even want to know what is going to happen!

Today was good! After nap-time, and lunch, we went to the store to pick up the bare necessities, and we took the long route both ways so that I could be shown some of the most driven roads about town. Tomorrow I am planning on taking my map and going out and exploring the town. I have to get to a few destinations anyhow, so I think I will just set out and hope for the best, and if not, I don't work until Monday...I should be home by then, right?!

On the list of to-do: Go to the Camera Shop to see if they can repair my digital camera...I'm not sure what is wrong with it, but it won't turn on for even a second, even when it has freshly charged batteries!
Find a good cup of coffee!! I haven't had any coffee since Monday morning! and I am about to go crazy! You know us Seattle natives, we love our coffees! (especially considering last week I was a barrista!) I just hope I can get a cup o'joe that is decent around these parts or else I might have to just quit and fly home!

Try to find another pet store in town that scott was telling me about. I need a few more things for Sheila. The shelves that she needs in her cage are supposed to be plastic, as opposed to wire so that she doesn't hurt her feet or get stuck toes...and right now she doesn't have any shelves, because the new ones were metal so I just have everything crammed into the bottom of her cage. She is probably wondering why she had to move from the wonderful hedgehog mansion to this little shack, but hopefully I can remedy that tomorrow.

Anyhow that is it for me...hope to get the weekend errands taken care of so I can relax in front of a good movie and knit at some point!

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Does anybody have a map?

Today I got LOST!!! I hate being lost, and even worse I hate being lost with 3 kids in the back seat (little ann, little dan, and the neighbor boy)...all of whom were shouting at me "this doesn't look familiar, where are we? Are you lost?" Yes I'm lost now shut up so I can figure out where I am going! Eventually we did find a Beach Park, not the one that we were initially going to, but a park none the less! Scott brought me home a map of Fairfield today, and then I looked on it to figure out where the park we were trying to find was...I was right next to it!! oh well, we'll venture that way again soon I'm sure. Other than that, just another day in the neighborhood.

I haven't been working on my knitting, but I did find the local knitting shop while I was out drinving all over the town! Maybe this weekend after I have caught up on my sleep, I will plop myself down in front of the tv, and watch a movie and knit away the afternoon...sounds good doesn't it!

Anyhow, Little dan is probably about to wake up from a nap, and I should go and fetch little ann from the neighbor's soon! (I know, I was excited to catch a free moment...I started the laundry!!)...What to fix for dinner tonight?...hmmm, well I'm going to go work on this latest dilema.

Have an enjoyable evening!

Oh, and will someone tell the Queen that her pathetic daughter is less computer savvy than she is so she will need to teach me how to turn on the thing that allows comments from the special letters...wha?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Little does she know....

The tears only stopped for a day...and they only came back for a short visit. Today was an extremely long day, I am still on West Coast time, so I haven't been able to fall asleep until midnight every night, and then I have to be up by 7 at the latest so I can throw on some clothes and head downstairs. Today Gwen (little dan and little ann's mom) called to let me know that at 6:30 Scott (their dad) would be taking over with the kids! *Whew* I could go take a nap or just go read or something...but right at 6:30 Scott asked if I could watch the kids late b/c he had just been asked last minute to give a motivational speech, yadda, yadda. What was I going to do, say no, take your kids with you?! Well the thought did cross my mind, seeing as I could barely keep my eyes open! However I agreed to do it, which also meant trying to get to the train station by 7:30 to pick up Gwen! Well I made it...and I am still alive, I am quite exhausted!
So I am just off to bed, no fun stories about the day or any of that business for me tonight! Just zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's!
p.s. the crying was most likely brought on b/c of the fact that I was running on no I usually cry very easily when I'm tired...just ask the Queen! and I guess that maybe part of it was a little homesickness, but hopefully that will all clear up and everyone will be traveling to the east coast very soon for a visit!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my little adventure

Taking me across the country. I am starting out as a Nanny in Connecticut. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life (well not entire...but mostly all that I remember!). Anyhow, I recently came to the conclusion that there are some things that I need to get out and experience, some new scenery to soak in...

So I am here now in my new room, after shlepping my life across the country with me! And Sheila, my pet hedghog too! So here we lie....for a few years, to have this so stated adventure! And travel, finish school, make some new friends, and who knows what else!

This blog is a way for me to let my family and friends in on how I am doing was the Queen's mother that is! And she will be thrilled that I have stepped into her little online blogging world!