Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone out there had a fabulous Day today and has been enjoying the holiday spirit of things!

My sister is still in town, and will be here until January 4th. We have had some good holiday fun so far, and plan on having more fun over the new year...I will upload my pictures soon!

Merry Christmas! :D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Curious Dogs

Silly Katie, sniffing out my knitting! She was attempting to find something tasty in there! Luckily I caught her and of course took her picture (really all that was to lose was S's scarf *snicker, snicker*). No she didn't eat it.

OH and speaking of knitting mish-haps, this wasn't due to the pups, but look at that bent needle! I accidentally shut it in the door! Oops. Then I tried to straighten it out, and caused tiny dents that would inevitably snag my knitting! Don't worry, I went and purchased some new wooden ones, and I kept the straight metal needle so that if Katie gets too curious next time, and one needle dies, I will at least still have two opperable needles.

And here is a darling picture of miss Zahra, finding her favorite seat in the house: Little Ann's lap! So sweet!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WIP Wednesday

To go along with this weeks blog theme of knitting...
Here are all of the projects that I currently on the needles, and they truely prove that I am a real knitter....because it takes me forever to finish one thing, because I so often get bored in the middle of a project and move onto something else.
So here are the Works In Progress:

These two photos are of me knitting with this yarn, that I love so much. I started working with it probably about 5 years ago when I first started knitting, and was originally making myself a garter stitched scarf out of it...but I ran out of yarn and stopped knitting with the intention of purchases what more I would need. 5 years later, I frogged the entire thing and started over, still doing garter stitch, just on bigger needles (US 15's) and with a narrow cast on of 15 stitches. And now instead of making this scarf for myself I am making it for G. I have been working on it off and on for about a week now, and it is almost finished, so we'll see how it goes...
The next project is The NY Giants scarf for S, which you all saw this past Sunday.

This one is another that was started years and years ago. It is knit with 2 strands, the first being a soft baby pink, and the second being a skinny white strand that has a slight shimmer to it. There is a little pattern to it, but I don't remember what it is... I am not currently working on it, and when it I start up again (probably after the holidays, I will figure it out, I know its a simple it inevitably will be completed at some point.

This is a yarn that I am working with right now to make a cell phone cozy for my friend Casey, I was aiming to have a cell phone cover and iPod cozy done by the holidays, but he is going home this weekend, and I won't see him until after the holidays. The cell phone cozy is almost done, and should be finished by the time he leaves, but not the iPod holder, so thats all he's gonna get. There's always next year! :)

This is another scarf, however it is one that I am committed to making for myself. I started it a few summers ago just as something to work on while I was bored at the latte stand. I absolutely love it! It is a white lacy design that I had decided to mix in random red bits into. This is the red yarn here, and it is totally funky. I love it, and the red stripes are completely random as you can see. Anyhow, I love love love it, and when its finished, it can be a spring, summer, fall, and posibly even winter scarf! Hooray.... actually maybe this will be what I will pick up again after I'm done with my holiday knitting.

Again--A scarf! What can I say, I realy am too timid to work outside the box... or the straight line. Scarves are easy, quick, and as you can see my projects don't get done really yup another scarf. I wish you could feel how soft this beautiful cream colored yarn is! Again I love it. This one is a gift for someone who actually reads my blog here and there though so I can't mention who. I simply love knitting with it because it is so soft, and soothing.

This one is somewhat recognizeable to some of you, seeing as I worked on it at your house.... Jess of VeeDogKnits! lol, anyhow, its still incomplete. Surprise, surprise. I haven't been workin on it for a year yet though, so I still have 5 more before it becomes too old for me. ;) Its sort of like a scarf, only wider so I can call it a shawl and pretend I make something other than scarfs :) tee hee. I predict this one to be finished by 2010.

And finally, something that definitely isn't a scarf! Fetching Fingerless Gloves! I started these just about a year ago, and they were supposed to be a Christmas gift last year. When they weren't finished in time I claimed they would be done in time for this Christmas. Sorry Laura! They still aren't done... but someday they will be, and they are quite soft and lovely so far, in a nice dark charcoal. I know that when they are completed, whenever that may be, they will be loved.

So to all of those knitters out there, have fun! Don't worry about not finishing your projects, look how long some of mine have lasted! :)
Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the winner is...

Well out of all of the millions of options that I have in my stash... The munchkins chose:

The one on the left is little Ann's pick, she loves that it looks like someone swirled chocolate with her faborite color! lol so cute :) Little Dan said he liked the one on the right. His favorite colors are orange and red, and he asked me how come I didn't have any red ones he could like. I seriously adore these guys. :)

For the record, I do have a red, and I was going to add in some blue stripes to be a sort of opposite of S's scarf, but we'll see, I may go with the orange. As for Little Ann, I'm most likely going to try to whip her up a simple little scarf out of the chocolate swirled with blue that she so thoroughly enjoys.

Sense we are discussing favorites, here are my favorites:

The first two are ones that I bought with no specific intentions, except that I wanted to do something for me with them so of course they got tossed straight into my yarn basket to be forgotten about while I knit other things to give away. The third one is one that Jess, from VeeDog Knits gave me last spring, and because I liked it so much, it became part of the stash as well...someday I'll actually knit something for myself :)

Happy Knitting

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yarn Lovin' Minchkins

Little hands love soft yarns just as much as big ones do! Without their knowledge, I was having these munchkins look through the yarns to see which ones they really liked so I could knit some holiday gifts for them.
They each chose which ones they liked the best, and I want to make them something for Christmas, but seeing that it is 10 days away... and I have a long to-do list of WIP's to finish before then, they may have to wait for a while for the hand knit gifts and get something store bought to hold them over. We'll see how that turns out.

Happy Muncking Monday!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I do knit!

And here is my first piece of eveidence.

This is the scarf that I am working on for S...sometimes I don't think he deserves it, but thats another story. It supposed to be a giants scarf and it is almost complete, but in addition to their Giants colors, I am going to (if I have time) stitch their "NY" logo in white in along the stripes on at least one end. So when its finished I will be sure to get some more pictures up to post.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

If you plan to organize your crafts.....

This weekend I need to get a lot of things done. My sister is coming to visit me here in CT for the holidays, and she arrives next weekend. This means that I have to get everything done today!
Most of what I really want to get done, besides the ever-dreadful laundry, is some organization of my craft supplies. I have an abundance of card-making, scrapbooking, and knitting supplies...its actually insane how much I really have. But I love doing all that stuff, it sort of relaxes me to unleash my creativity while making something fun, and it always makes for a nice gift too.
What will probably happen, is that I will start to sort through everything, and when I am organizing my stamps, I will want to use some of them that I haven't used in a while. If I let myself use some of the stamps, I will inevitably use all of other card making supplies to add to the cards. If I use all of the other supplies, my room will be filled with ribbon and string, stamps and stamp pens, cardstock and envelopes, and all the rest too. If I fill my room with all of these fun things I will ultimately organize them into piles, and if I organize them into piles they will eventually get put into their new homes. This will lead to freshly organized crafts, and fun new cards! Sounds like a win-win to me! :D

This is the only example of my cardmaking that I could find. I thought I had more photos, oh well. This is a thank you card that I sent to a friend over a year ago... I thought it turned out quite well. I guess for more cardmaking photos, I will have to post the results of todays organizing extravaganza later next week.

Happy Weekend Fun!

Friday, December 12, 2008



I made some steamed artichokes the other day, and not only do they taste good, but they are quite apealing to the eye too. So I snapped a few shots, and then used my computer to make them look like more artsy artichokes.

I am definitely lone of those people that truly enjoys food! I love everything about it. When I eat I like to not only have something that tastes good, but also something that looks appealing to eat, and that is why I love taking pictures of my food.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lets Tug!

Watching these little pups play is so funny! Kati is big on toys. She likes chewing them, chasing them, catching them, and especially keeping them away from Zahra! Whereas Zahra really could care less about the toys. Unless, that is, Kati has it...then she is all pouncing and tugging and runing in circles around Kati trying to distract her from the toy.

Funny thing is, when Kati finally drops it to play with Zahra, Z jumps onto the couch, and lays down, until Kati is trying to play with the toy again.

Crazy pups! For more funny 4-leggeds check out this weeks Dogs On Thursday :)

This is a photo of Miss Abigail Jane, and if any of you read my mom's blog, then you know that for the last week she has been dealing with some pain in her neck. So now she is recovering from the surgery that she ended up having ot have, and she will be fine, but be sure to send your love out for her! She is a great girl, and we love her so much! You can read more on the Queen's update on her today. We love our boo!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trading in something 'ancient'

So when is it the right time to trade in your computer? Supposedly after 6 months your computer is old, and after 2 years, it is just ancient... at least acording to the great folks down at the Geek squad that keep having to help me.

As you all know, my computer died over the summer while we were in Block Island, but then I got it back, after they only had to repair a few keys. I have further had to take it a few months after that to try and figure out how to get some software on it for my new camera, and they just showed me what to do. But last Tuesday night, right in the middle of finals, my computer decides to die again!
I tried to turn it on, and it started beeping like I fire alarm, and wouldn't even turn on. After pressing the power button to try turning it on and off 5 times, I decided it was the same thing that had happend before, and I needed them to fix it pronto! Don't they know, I have school to finish this quarter, and all of my teachers are real sticklers for late work, they don't accept any of it, let alone any kind of excuses... which is fine, as long as I didn't have to try and provide some sort of aliby for my computer and my lack of signing into my online classes to complete them all.
So after thouroughly explaining the urgency of needing my broken computer to work, the Geek squad guy, said he would take a look at it and we would go from there. Of course the first time he turns it on, it works! How rude! But he tried it again a few times and It was all fire alarm sounding!

Typically with the warranty coverage that I had on my computer, once you have the same problem occur three times they will stop trying to fix it and just give you an updated computer of comperable value. This was only my second time with this issue. But I guess they felt badly that I was in the middle of finals, and clearly freaking out! So they worked some magic, and had me pick out a new computer. Sort of exciting, but also very nerve-racking.... I really liked my 'ancient' computer. But I suppose newer is always better, and I don't want this problem to continue happening. I found something that after using it for a week, I really love it too. And its shiney and new! Even better.

The new fellow is a Toshiba something or other with 3GB of memory and a 250GB hard-drive....needless to say besides looking shnazzy this thing is fast!

So I guess the moral of the story is, make sure you always have a warranty on your electronics, make sure you wear something cute when you take them into get fixed, and stress the reasons why you absolutely must not leave without your working computer that day! Luckily it worked for me :D And now my finals are all done.

I'm free from school until January 5th :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flurry Of White

We had our first real snow of the season! It was simply beautiful, and when I took these photographs the only thing that had disrupted the peace of it, was a herd of dear. I saw their hoof prints everywhere.

The temps are dropping, though its not as cold here as it is a little further North where Jess of VeeDog Knits is! It has been in between 18-24 for the last few days, definately the season to get all bundled up and take a nice brisk stroll... walkin in a winter wonderland :)

I find the snow so peaceful and beautiful, maybe I will take the Littles for a nice wintertime stroll today...hmmm... if its not too cold!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

The Queen requested that I get to my computer and make a new Munchkin Monday Post, so here it is:

Well a few weeks ago I posted(Leaf Lovin Munchkins)about a fun day playing in the leaves with the kiddo's but I was unable to put up any corresponding photos. I decided that sense it is officially winter now in our part of the globe that I should make one last fall post for the year. So here are some great pictures of the Littles playing forever on a crisp, sunny, autumn day.

We started out with a tiny little pile, which of course was big enough for all of the fun. However after you jump into a crunchy leafy pile of fun enough time, it starts to flatten out. So its time to grab the rakes and make.... a huge pile! This pile was but on the slope of the yard, and at its tallest point, it measured about 3 1/2 feet, and it was sort of oval shaped 5 feet wide at the widest, and 4 feet wide at the narrowest point. This was no joke of a pile. So of course, I thought, "Hey that pile is so big I should be able to jump in it just like the kids!"After deciding it was large enough fro me to actually do so, I showed Little Ann how to snap a photo, and she caught me just as I was landing in the pile, on my butt, leaves crushing beneath me and flying around, as I slammed hard through the pile to the ground and knocked the wind out of myself! It was fun, but painful too, I won't make that mistake again!

After I got up there was sort of a dent. Little Ann thought that it would be really cool to have a leaf fort, so we grabbed our tunnel from the house, plopped it into the center and piled the top with more leaves. The kids had the time of their lives crawling through the tunnel and sitting in the middle of the leaves. There was no lack of laughter at our house that day! Just a great way to toss up some leaves and enjoy the lovely fall weather and scenery :)

Hopefully everyone got a chance to truely enjoy their fall seasons.. on with winter!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


So I decided to do some updates on my blog for the holiday season! Check them out! I added a picture of sweet little white holiday lights on the header, then I updated my avitar to be me waiting in line to see Santa, in an adorable Christmas dress! I love Santa, and actually went to see him the week that I was home for was fabulous! I love love love Santa!
Other than the holiday changes I made some other small edits....including puting my tags up so its easier to find things on my page, taking some of my side pictures down, and updated the list of blogs I read.

In other news... I got more packages!!! Yay!
One was just my new contacts from my sister's optical shoppe in Seattle. I had ordered them while I was home but they had to order them and ship them, I am surprised they arived so fast.. and I love them they are way comfy :)
One more package I received, or more of a medium sized manilla envelope really, was from my mama. She sent me our 2 favorite Christmas CD's! I love Christmas! Its soo cheery! And if you need help getting into the holiday spirit, then go out and get yourself Garth Brooks' Christmas CD and Gloria Estevan's too... they are both magical for the season!
I feel so loved :)

Alright... back to finishing my final essay for classes, and then I just have one two more final exams and Fall Quarter will be complete--I can't wait!

Happy Holidays

Friday, December 5, 2008

I gotta Package...

I gotta package! I gotta package hey hey hey hey!!

And what cute packaging with the tissue too!

And it was from my Fall coffee and yarn swap pal....Megan! Look at all of the wonderful things that she sent my way:
Here is the wonderful coffee stuff:

The first picture of a coffee cup which is that adorable one at starbucks that has the impression of a cable knit on it... I love love love it!
The second is of all the wonderful coffee she sent! Including two bags of Asplund whole bean is the Northshore blend (on the bag it says it is a "complex, intense, full body" coffee..sorta sounds like and then the other is a bag of WI Wake up blend (a "bright, fruity, medium body") they both sound absolutely scrumptious! And the third bag of coffee is from Dunkin Donuts... this one was my moms idea because for whatever reason I am terrified of trying it, she thought that it would be funny to have my swap pal send me a bag. Haha mom! (Although after reading the bag, and smelling it a little, I suppose I iwll have to give it a try....after I finish the other 2!)

Here is all of the fun yarn stuff I received:

The first 2 pictures are of my favorite part of the package: Megan made me a cute little needle holder with three sets of new needles in it! But look at the amazing little coffe cup detail with leaves stitched inside..don't you love it! I do :) The last picture is of 6 thats right, count'em 6 skeins of yarn! All of beautiful colors and really soft and luxurious! Can't wait to get creative with all of this :D
The other 2 things that she sent that I didn't mention above were some maple lollipops which I have one pictured in the mug above, and then a box of french vanilla splenda coffee flavoring for my coffee.. which I've been using all week in my coffee and loving it!
What a great package! I love it all, thank you soo much Megan! I hope you recieve a wonderful package as well :)

Ok all of the animals in our zoo are going crazy so I have to go fix them!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flying Fish!

Here are those photos I was trying to upload from my visit home to Seattle in August. You can see they go in order and my dad captured my expressions perfectly with his camer! lol they are awesome photos of me being on the receiving end of the flying fish! What a fun day!