Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Moving Day..

&& I'm so excited! I've been packing little things that I could go without for a little while for about 2 months now, and then last night it was like Christmas Eve, where you can't sleep because of all the excitement.. So I stayed up and packed my wardrobe, and then convinced myself into bed. All I have left to do is get everything from the house here, to my apartment! (oh, and sign the lease, pay my rent, buy the furniture...nothing big. lol)

Do I have too much or too little clothing in my wardrobe? I made everything fit into 1 small suitcase
1 medium suitcase
1 large suitcase
2 duffle bags
1 large tote bag
1 rubbermade however-many-gallon-bin (after being packed into 2 space-bags and having all the air sucked out of them)

So I can't quite decide, Should I never be aloud to shop again, or do I need more?? (I have a feeling it is the first option, but it's sad to even think it..though on my new apartment living budget... that I've made and gone over about a dozen times, I don't think I'll have any problem with spending my soon to be non existent funds)

Wardrobe aside, I think I should be able to move everything this weekend, and then just spend the next week setting everything up and putting things away. For those of you who are curious on the layout I chose, I went with the last one (#6), keep in mind that there will be a room divider separating the two spaces so they can be there own, and I also have in mind a few small ways that I can re-arrange the furniture from time to time, which surprisingly enough is something that I thoroughly enjoy! ... I will take pictures when It is all set up and photo ready.

Have a fabulous weekend! The Princess is moving out!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tongue's Out!

I do realize that the Tongues out contest is over, but I have some that I didn't get around to posting as I was away and have been Busy... So here is the exhausted miss Zahra with her tongue dangling to the floor:

And here is miss Kati, licking her lips:

Aren't they cute!

Happy Dogs On Thursday :p (my tongue is out too! lol)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Oh, oh, oh!
Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!

Happy Munchkin Monday :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road Trip Ready!

While I was in Block Island, fabulous Mr. Jay made the transaction to purchase my new car! (Now all I need to do is sell my Jeep..know anyone who wants a Wrangler?)

The New car is a 1997 Lexus GS300, Black Exterior, and tan leather interior... it has auto everything, and a sun roof!! Yaya!

(These pictures are not of my actual car, but just of ones I found when searching Google Images for "1997 Lexus GS300".)
In exactly a month I will be driving the new ride across the country, from Seattle, to Connecticut, with miss Laura, taking i-90 most of the way. We haven't solidified the drive-plan but we have a good outline, and a slight bit of lenience in the plans.. So if anyone knows of any excellent destinations along the Northern US, close to Interstate 90, feel free to let us know, we are open to suggestions, and I'll clue you in on the plan when we know more what we are up to.

For now, however, I am very excited about the new vehicle! :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from the Block

There are some pretty strange traditions that occur in Block Island... mostly things that the Block regulars or residents are involved in... They have this rock on part of the Island that is referred to as "Painted Rock" that is painted by someone different in a different color or different words all the time I don't have any photos of it, but it is pretty cool that people run out to paint it randomly in the middle of the night.

They also use rocks on the beaches of all different shapes and sizes to build Rock Statues. This little thing I did participate in:

They are pretty fun to see all around the beaches, and some of them are huge!

Another tradition is going to this restaurant/bar called the Oar, and having mudslides there. They are located right in the new harbor area, and the views are great! People also bring in paddles (or oars) that have been painted or carved with little slogans on them. Last year (and I'm sure several years past as well) the family has discussed doing an oar for our family and bringing it in. Well, this year S carved an oar with the shapes of puzzle pieces, and then put last years group photo from BI in the center of the puzzle, then G painted the handle to read "Piecing together Great memories sense 1992" with the 3 family names following. It turned out really well, and they hung it up in the Oar the next day.. and we came back to have lunch (and more mudslides) and admire it.

The puzzles are another tradition. We always bring puzzles and that is something everyone will work on while we are there. This year we were only able to complete 6 and a half. We work from easiest to most complicated and with the final one, we ran out of time and had to take it down when it was half way finished. But I think that last year we only did 6 puzzles, so we still beat our record... if you can count half of a puzzle that is.

This year it was a lot of fun, and we had many new memories to add to the sea of old, and one new family member to bring to keep the traditions alive, and make new traditions with.
What kinds of Vacation traditions do you have in your family?
I think one thing that I will do when I get a family, is to vacation in a new place each year, but to do some of the same things with the family at each place we go... I think that would be fun!

Here are my beach feet, waving good night!

(oh man could I use a pedicure!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bora Bora's Birthday!

That's right Miss Laura aka Bora Bora, is turning a quarter century old today! And as I love her very much she is getting a birthday post :)

When she wakes up this morning, she will have instructions via text message to read my blog, and then follow these directions:
1. Do NOT get dressed! Must stay in comfy clothes/PJ's
2. Grab your camera... your super fancy one.
3. Get into vehicle.
4. Drive to the Edmonds Bakery on main Street, just up from the Ferry Docks, near the fountain and the old fashioned movie theater..
5....find the surprise!
6. Take a picture of the surprise, so I can see how it turned out of cours! ;)
7. Drive to the waterfront, or any other place you love, and take beautiful pictures, as I know you enjoy doing this, and you are wonderful at it.
8. Enjoy the surprise, and feel my super stretch arms hugging you on your special birthday!
9. Report to me :)

Happy Birthday Laura! I am so lucky to have you in my life, you are a vital friend, and you are always putting everyone else first.. well today I want you to put you first, and go do something you really enjoy!

I love you very Much, happy 25th!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yankees Game!

On The Fourth of July I went to Yankee Stadium with Mr. McGregor, and we watched them play against Toronto... winning in the 12th inning! I was great! We took the train down and back (and I had my knitting with me, to occupy me on the ride), then had a beer at the Hard Rock Yankee Stadium, it's actually in the stadium, so we could get the souvenir pilsner glasses, and then settled in to watch the game...
It was an afternoon game on an absolutely gorgeous day, it was a blast! Our seats were amazing too, three homers were hit to the section directly right of us... like no more than 10 seats away! wow! We will definitely have to do another ballgame this season :)

Then we went to the fireworks display.. I think this is a pretty good picture of us from before the fireworks started after we were back from the game..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

While I'm in Block Island...

Let me update you on something that I ventured to a long time ago but never mentioned here....
It has to do with Yarn!
And Sheep (as well as a few other farm animals in their family tree).
And Knitting!

The Connecticut Yarn and Wool Festival (which took place on 4/25/09) :) It was so fun, and it was my first knitting festival of any kind, so it was extra special in that way. A few people from my knitting group went up there, and that's how I knew about it...thank goodness for Ravelry, and finding a local knitting group!

So I ended up purchasing a bunch of yarn, and a drop spindle (that came in a learn to spin kit, with a book, and enough fiber to get me going), then I purchased a bunch of fiber (probably too much) that I was excited about... and so far I have done nothing with it! But I did make a tiny little yarn ball, but I need to start trying to spin.. and I think once I move into my apartment and have no excess money to spend, I will start dipping into my craft stashes, and utilizing what I have.. so it is good that I have an excess stock of yarn and other crafty things ;)

Here is the lot of what I got: (At this point, I don't remember what is what, so if you want to know, comment or email me, and I will double check the label)

And here are some pictures of the animals :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm So Proud of my Munchkins!

Yesterday we left for block Island, and Little Ann was feeling a little nervous about bringing her bike. A while back G & S took the training wheels off, but really didn't feed her enough confidence and support to get her going on the bike. So it has been sitting in the garage getting dusty and taking up space...
Until, I told her that everyone gets nervous about riding there bikes, and in fact, Last summer when I purchased my bike, and hadn't ridden in about 7 or 8 years, I was nervous! So I told her she should try and I would help her get started. After holding onto the back a few times, I pretended to hold on a few more times, and then I let go.. She did it! And then, she did it over and over again.. moving onto the street, and biking up and down hills, in circles, and even once, letting go with a hand to wave at a friend we were riding past!

I'm am soo proud of Little Ann! I knew she could do it, she just needed to know she could do it too!
And Little Dan, has been practicing building sand castles, so that while we are in Block Island, he can make some mean castles on the beach! For the longest time it was "No Krystle! You can't do this, it's my sand table!!" But finally I convinced him to let me show him so sandcastle building tips... and voila, while I was making dinner and he was playing with his sand table (on the patio, right by the kitchen window, don't worry, I'm not a negligent nanny) he built, 5 sand castles all by himself!

Way to go Munchkins! We will use these skills for the entire BI trip!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

I had a wonderful and action packed weekend, but for now I just want to show you some fireworks. We went to two different displays this year: The first on was the town's display, and the second one was a friend of a friends neighborhood blow up competition.

They were both right by the water, and were great.. the town had a beautiful display that lasted about a half an hour, and then they actually controlled traffic pretty well, so that everyone could get out without much hassle.
The neighborhood display, was also right on the water, and they basically had 5 blocks of beach blocked off, and 3 different blast sites putting on shows from the beach and we were all watching from the street. It was so crazy, it lasted for two and a half hours!! These people must have spend a fortune on fireworks! But it was beautiful, in both instances the fireworks would reflect in the water, and they had such a variety that it was just a great show.
The above pictures are from the town show, and here are some from the neighborhood show..

I did these last ones, one with the flash on, one with it off, so you could see the fireworks, and the people. I'm sure there is some fancy computer techy way to overlay the pictures so that they become one picture of the people with the fireworks, but I'm not tech smart.

Hope you all had a Happy Forth!