Sunday, December 30, 2007

The F Words

Family, Friends, Fun, and Fabulous Scenery!

That is what this last week has been for me! So much so that I ended up switching my flight to stay for one more day! :) So I will be spending my New Years in Seattle once again! And I'll be loving it!
Oh how I enjoy this place called home! (other than my ridiculous allergies that spring up when I'm here) Its a very lovely locus.

I miss the mountains...its always very calming to be able to look off into the distance and see the strong, soaring, snow-capped mountains. (Lots of kisses for blogless Jess!) They just look so cozy!

And the combination of the bare trees and the plenteous, leafy evergreens waving in the winds...just makes you smile :)

The serene and sparkling Puget of my favorite spots here is to drive down to Sunset Ave and park by the water. Very tranquil and scintillating scene.

being forced to blog

just sitting on the couch minding my own business when the Queen handed me the laptop opened to my blog and said "update!"

So here I am...updating. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Polka DOT

Happy end of the year fur-riends! Hope it has been a good one for everybody.

It is good to be home with the hounds! They are so loving, cuddly, cute, and not to mention ... they are all trained! :)

My favorites are the Girls! Abby and Lucy...look at how cute they are! Abby is the princess pupper! She's my baby! Lucy is also quite adorable, and I can love on her for hours!

Then there's the boys...they aren't half bad either! Dudder budder, and Beau-zo ...They are pretty sweet too! And if you have never had one, go out and find yourself a hound to smooch! Sloppy hound kisses are just that...great big puppy wet ones! P.S. I tried to find a photo of me and the old man together, but the only photos of him are joint pics with the other The Queen stated, we don't have many pictures of Dudley :( We'll just have to work on that in the new year!

Whats not to love in a house filled with fur! :D

Have a happy new year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas In WA

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

So I came home this past Thursday. This December, has been probably the busiest I have had yet...with more to come I'm sure. With trying to get things together for Christmas time, getting things done with the Littles, Making sure Sheila was OK for the time I am away, and being ready to take off again, I had my hands full...once again. (I seem to have a way of doing this...I think I learned it from my mom.)

Anyhow, I got things taken care of. I was able to finish Sami, and Gwen's scarves. I forgot to take pictures before they were gifted, but now I can get pictures of them using them and then put them up. I have finished one fingerless glove for Laura, and she isn't expecting them until we get to Florida on Jan. 9th. And all of the other hand-made gifts were cancelled...less stress to get me through the season.

Christmas, and this time being here in WA, has been priceless. I think that the biggest thing that has happened to me since I moved across the country to CT is that, I have learned, you have to appreciate your family and your good friends. There are only a handful of people who would do anything for you. Most of these people for me live here. And I cherish every moment that I get to spend with them. It may not be a ton of time, but it is the best time! And I know that I have them all the time in my hearts and in theirs. You have to love your family! Even your bratty siblings, and your parents who may tease is supposedly out of love, and I know that the love is strong! The best present that I received this year, was one that I gave myself, time with my loved ones. I am truly blessed!

So although I have been very busy balancing time with friends and family, and I know that when I get home, I will want to nap for an entire day, it will all be worth it! So thanks to everyone of you that makes someone elses life special. They might not be able to say thank you every day, but the love is there, and it is strong and good. Enjoy every moment of it!

Wishing everyone the Merriest Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Munchkin Monday

Ok, so before I give you the funny kiddie story of the day, I would just like to state that I have been very busy, and therefore I haven't been able to update recently. I do have a ton to tell you though, so I will do this post and then later tonight or tomorrow morning I will post more!

SO a couple weeks back, Little Dan had come into my room, and wanted to watch Finding Nemo, so I thought, hey, good opportunity to get my room tidied up a little and get dressed, etc. While he was watching I went into my bathroom (which is attached) to go change. And then I hear him saying, "what's this?, Kistol, What's this?" So I came to see what he was looking at...It was a bra...and he was holding up 3 or 4 of them. He had his hands full! I had all of my clean laundry in a basket right by the bed...aparently he thought this was a treasure chest of fun, lol. Anyhow, I said "oh those are Krystle's, lets put them back." and I took them from him and placed them back in the laundrey pile. He then proceeded to grab one of them and run out of my room shouting "Stay there kistol! Stay there!" SO I gave him a few minutes, and then I come after him. When I went out the door, he was standing in the hallway with my bra on...I'm still not quite sure how he managed to get it on properly, and I was too conderned that he was wearing my bra...a two year old wearing d-cups...hahaha. Unfortunately I didn't think to snap a photo, but if you can picture it, its pretty great.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My favorite day has come again!

Well, its Tuesday...and it would be just as great as a normal day, except that over the weekend little Dan got a big boy bed!!! how exciting! But he didn't sleep at all last night and therefore slept until noon, and then was very cranky! So the crocery shopping and errands were pushed back, and I didn't get anything done yet. I am hoping that since he didn't sleep much he will still crash for a nap at a decent time, and then i can watch some tv and work on my holiday knitting.
I need to finish:
Scarf for Gwen...almost done!
Scarf for Sami...also so close!
Fingerless gloves for a friend...I picked out the yarn.. :/
Hat and scarf for Heather...also not started yet...

I think that next year I need to get started sooner....... These all may turn into early spring gifts :)

Here's hoping for great nap times all week long these next 2 weeks!

And the count-downs:
9 days until I go home for the holidays
14 days until Christmas
29 days until I leave for Florida!!!
30 days until my Birthday!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Munchkin Monday

So I am going to start doing a post every Monday on the littles. Whomever else out there in blog-land has little munchkins of their own, please feel free to do the same! Maybe we can ultimately start a separate page for it and do a similar thing to Dogs on Thursday....but for now, it will just be my Monday segment on my blog.

This past Friday, Little Dan and I went to the Children's Museum, in Norwalk. It is a wonderful place that we can spend hours in! And I especially love it because there are a ton of different areas to get different parts of the brain, by the time we leave, it is guaranteed nap time by the time we get home :)

Little Dan's favorite part is the water exhibit. He has been very curious about water, and how it works, rain, snow, thunder, rivers, etc. Basically everything about it excites him. Which is neat, so we usually spend at least 30 minutes in this area. They have a fog maker, an area to make thunder, a spot where you can change the course of a river and then send your boats down it, and then there is the water cycle, which is very cool! they have a gigantic umbrellas made out of glass and piping, that sits right at the entrance to the room, the pipes at the top of it, have little leaks springing up all over them (as rain), which then falls down the umbrella and into the PVC gutters. The gutters drain into a rain barrel, which has a spout pouring into a 'river'. This carries the water down and then it goes down a drain at the end, and through the floor, and a big PVC column (which is the handle of the umbrella) is carried back to the top, to come down as the rain again. The entire museum is very thought out like this, and I love it just as much as little Dan does, because I can see the things that it is teaching him!

This is clearly not the water cycle that I just so thoroughly described, however, it is the best shot that I have of little Dan in action. Here hes is playing with this big tower thingy, that is filled with all different colored golf balls, that go all around this wacky course, and then there are some different gadgets that the kids can control from the outside, that change the direction that the golf balls are traveling. Fun Fun!
We have also had a very exciting past week, with getting some snow. It has been very cold, but I have managed to suck it up to bundle up with the kids and take them out to enjoy it! but they have only

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

wild week wednesday!

Happy Wednesday....and sorry it has been a week!
I have been meaning to start doing a post every monday called Munchkin Mondays! And then there is always my favorite days...Tuesdays! But I have been busy! I am in the process of organizing my closet! And let me tell is a BIG project! Take that and add a dash of holiday knitting, 5 cups of taking care of the littles, a pinch of a social life, and a handful of worrying about the queen, and you have one recipe for a busy life!

So that is basically what I have been up to...
But I would also like to say, blogfree Jessica, you need to change that to I have a blog, and my name is Jessica! Here are the reasons why (as the queen and I have discussed): 1.your life is exciting, and people would love to read about it! 2.You would have a place to display photos of your lovely new house. 3.You would have one guaranteed post every week--dogs on thursday!'ve got to parade around your precious pups just like the rest of us! don't have to be technologically savvy, hey if I can do it, anyone can!
IN conclusion...start a blog damn it!

On another note....I have been using my cell phone as my camera to take photos, while I wait to check my camera back out from the tech-hospital! However, I need to actually send the pics from my phone to the internet before I can post I promise there will be at least one picture on the next post!

I also hope that if any of you haven't had a chance to read the queens blog, you do so, and then follow your reading with postive thoughts, for a fast and healthy recovery! I love you mama! Positive spin on the situation, is that now there is nothing but time for holiday crafts, and naps, and doggie lovin!