Friday, November 12, 2010

Hope It Isn't a Theme...

Although with only 10 courses left, it might just stay that way during school. What am I talking about?! My random gaps in blog updates.

I am pleased to report that everything is well! I have been using all of my time to study, work, knit for 4 hours a week (more if the homework is light), and maintain my social life (by studying with friends..2 birds).

I was only disappointed with one of my midterm grades, and after talking to my teacher, he said that I am doing really well, but that if he just handed out A's it wouldn't reflect that we were learning anything. So hopefully I can get that B+ up to an A by the end of the term.. Other than that I have two A's, and in my most difficult class, a B. Not to shabby.. especially if you know how my grades tend to go! I am loving school! It is actually a lot of fun... I shouldn't have gone back to the classroom when I first moved here, instead of waiting for 3 years..of course I really wasn't ready yet.

On other notes.. I have no finished objects, but still make it to knitting almost every week. I wasn't able to go to any of the fiber fests this year :( maybe next year I will go to all three to make up for it!

I have pictures for you somewhere, but I don't currently have time to sit here and wait for them to upload.

I will try to make it less than a month before I make it back again, and the next post will hopefully have some pictures...maybe of hand knit socks, or hair cuts, or who knows...

Happy Firday! Happy weekend!