Sunday, March 1, 2009

OK OK!!!

Here are the contents of my bags.

At shop # 1: I purchased yarn and a pattern to make a baby cardigan and hat for G and another woman I babysit for whom is also prego. This is a top down Cardi that has instructions for a boy and girl version. It is adorable and the yarn is a yellow Malabrigo.

The next stop was webs! First I will show you all what you are dying to see......the free goodies that we were so kindly granted with. A skein of Charcoal colored Wool made by Valley Yarns; 2 patterns that said yarn can be used for, one for a shrug, and one for leg warmers; 2 travel bottles of wool wash, one eucalyptus scented and one lavender scented; and a Webs tape measure.

Here is what I ended up purchasing from Webs. 1 pattern book: Nature, by Martin Storey, using Bamboo Soft and Luxury cotton DK. I immediately fell in love with several patterns in the book and decided why not buy the yarn to make something. So I purchased 15 balls of a lovely lavender Bamboo Soft which will turn into the beautiful "Herbage" button up sweater. Little Ann even commented "ooh! I'd like something out of that nice yarn!", to which I replied, "Too bad I'm making something for myself with it!" I know I'm such a wonderfully kind nanny. Though, for the record I did offer to let her pick something out of my stash that she liked so I could whip her up a scarf or something.

After Webs I bought some beads and a special needle at the bead store across the way. I believe it was called America's beads or something along those lines. Anyhow I purchased some pale and shimmery red-violet beads to add onto a shawl or scarf...for the yarn I figured I would be able to find something in my stash that it would work for. And I unfortunately don't have a picture to share, but I will post one in 7 years when I actually start working on this project!

So it looks like I've got 4 projects in line after I'm finished with my current cardigan...I better get to knitting...well maybe sleep first, knitting later.


gaylen said...

Wow Chan - I think she's yelling at us! Did you notice the little darling didn't even buy me any sock yarn to thank me for all the help from afar? I wonder who's going to help her with that beautiful lavendar cardi she has planned. Or the Mmmmmmmalabrigo. Guess I'll be giving her your number :) g

Ani said...

Oh man am I jealous! that lavender yarn looks beautiful! I can't believe I had to work! :-) Good finds :-)

Channon said...

SNOL! I do hope you have some sock yarn to take to your mother...

Love the cardi. Do swatch with the bamboo; my sole experience with a bamboo non-sock yarn resulted in a vest that grows throughout the day. I haven't decided yet whether I'll frog it or just wear it, knowing it will be bigger in the afternoon. (My jeans do the same thing and I love them for it...)