Monday, February 25, 2008

Munchkin Snow Day!

On Friday, we received about 11 inches of snow at our house! It was cold, but fun too. We got all geared up... warm clothes, and then snow pants, snow coats, snow boots... basically the works, and then ventured out. We went sledding down the little slope in the yard, and we did snow angels, and then we lost gloves and hats in the snow, and got cold and whiny and needed to go in and have...Hot Cocoa!!
It killed a good portion of the afternoon, there were no arguments, and they loved it, and I loved it! Kati loved it too! She was running around like a crazy dog. Eating snow, and playing in snow, but it was really funny when she was running in the snow and she would try to stop on an icy part and she would stop five feet or so past where she intended on stopping. It was very cute!

And then to make the day even better, they asked for a bath...
well sort of, I convinced them that the bathroom was a tropical island, and they could go swimming in the water there, and it would be so warm and fun! They bought it!
It was a very lovely day :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So I am one of those silly types of girls that can never just be happy with the hair that she has. Well that is when it comes to the color... I am content for 3 months to a year depending on the color, but then I have to change it, and recently they have all been drastic changes!

For the longest time, I had my natural hair color-which is like a dark, ashy, blonde-with a lot of super bleach blonde highlights. But then I decided I wanted it to be darker. So it became a very reddish sort of cinnamon stick brown color. And then I got tired of people saying that I was a red-head...idk why it bothered me so much I like red hair, I just don't necessarily like it on me... so then it was dark brown, until shortly after when I wanted a bigger change and something way more drastic and then it became dark, dark, so dark it was almost black, brown. But of course then I decided it was too dark, and that I needed to lighten it back up over the holiday I had it lightened back down to a more medium brown. And then a few weeks ago I wanted to go and have it lightened up more to aim for being more natural with blonde hightlights againg sometime... maybe close to the summer. Anyhow, the woman didn't quite get it to where I wanted it, so I went back the following week, and spent 6 hours in a varriety of chairs, getting my hair done! How exhausting! But now it looks good, and I am least for the next couple of months as a strawberry blode-ish caramelly color with blond highlights.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Sorry Sheila!

Many of you just read that and said, "Wait a second.. Who is Sheila?" Well She is my little pet hedgehog! Since she is nocturnal and we only play together for about 10-15 minutes a day, I rarely have cute stories about her to share. I know I know, bad animal mommy. But its not true, I sleep while she plays and she likes it better this way!

Isn't she cute! Okay so here's the story: A couple of weekends ago when I was cleaning my room and re-arranging things, It was getting late and sheila started to climb out of her little tent. Well my bedroom door was open. Jezzabelle, one of the cats came in and leapt up on top of my dresser. Sheila still hadn't met the cats at all yet because they aren't aloud in my room. So Jezzy poked her nose in.. she wanted to see what in the world that little thing was. Sheila took one peak at her, ran from one side of the cage to the other so that she could get back in her tent, and then hissed as loud as I've ever heard her hiss, and balled up! She didn't know what that thing was but it was big and scary and she wasn't taking any chances! And it worked! Jezzy was out of the room in a matter of seconds! And that night, Sheila didn't let me play with her. And the next morning she didn't let me play with her. But finally the following night she let me play with her to show her that everything was ok. Poor Girl!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines!

So typically I don't do anything for v-day...usually my valentine is my sister and/or my friend luara. (This year...both) Anyhow, I heard S come home yesterday while little Dan was asleep and he had brought with him, two bouquets of flowers! One for Little Ann and one for Me!! I was so happy! THe flowers are a varriety of colorful roses, mixed with babies breath and greenery...very lovely!

In the evening I was at the neighbors house babysitting their three little ones, and little Ann and little Dan. S had a meeting to attend, and G was working late...the neighbors were going out to have dinner without children.. a difficult concept when you have 3 kids! Anyhow, G got back around 8:30 and then came over, and her and I had dinner and some nice wine to celebrate the holiday, and to get slightly distracted from the kids. All in all it was one of the best v-days I have had!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kati and the Kong

"Oh boy, oh boy! I get to have a peanut buttery kongy delicious treat!!!!!" This is the excitement that Kati practically screams out whenever I grab the peanut butter from the pantry. (Well really she just sits next to me and whimpers like crazy until I give it to her.)

And then she devours it!

But last week on DOT, Nichole wrote about her precious pups and their Kongs, and somebody left a comment about making it occupy more time when frozen...So I gave it a shot...

It lasted all of about 30 minutes...better than 5 or 10 though!

Happy Valentines day/DOT!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I know that is what you thought...I was lost and that is why I hadn't posted in a week!!!

Well, sort of. I have become addicted to the show 'Lost'. I had never seen it before, and G is completely addicted to it (so much so that she was playing a game while waiting for the season 4 to start up!). Well most of the time if I am going to watch a show, I watch it online while little Dan is napping. So a couple of weeks ago while getting online to watch 'Desperate Housewives' or 'Gray's Anatomy' .. I can't remember which b/c I found that they had all 3 complete seasons of 'Lost' on the website as well! I thought hey why not give it a chance. And that is how it turned very quickly into a new addiction. So for the last two weeks or maybe a little longer than that, I have been spending all of my free time watching the show and getting caught up on it. It is a very good show that keeps you hanging at every scene... literally its ridiculous, and you just can't wait for the next scene or episode or whatever comes next! So if you have the time, I highly recommend it, but I don't know how much longer it will be on for...

So now that I am all caught up on that, it is back to life as normmal!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Baking Cookies with the Kiddies

Last week in Munchkinland, Little Ann actually wanted to go to the grocery store! She hates strongly dislikes grocery shopping. So I knew that there must have been something up. We only needed to grab a few things for dinner, so maybe she was cooperating for the short trip, and off to the grocery store we went.

Ah ha! She wanted to get a box of cup cake mix, and some things to make sugar cookies! Well since I didn't have a recipe on me for sugar cookies we cheated and bought the pre made mix that you just add and egg and some butter to. It was still a lot of fun to make them though. After we had the cookie dough all made up, we rolled them out, and cut them up just like you would do with normal sugar cookies.

It was a blast, and the cookies turned out really cute. Most of the shapes looked slightly squished or askew, but they were cute, and the littles had too much fun making the cookies, and making one big mess in the process! Little Ann promised to help clean up if we made them, and so while they baked, and the sweet smell wafted out of the oven, little Ann and I cleaned away, until all that was left was a cooling rack filled with delicious morsels of sugar cookies!!

The only thing left to do was decorate them! That is where a lot of the fun came in! I'm pretty sure that most of the icing and sprinkles ended up on little faces and in little bellies, but it was almost time to hand them back over to G & S anyhow, so no harm done ;) This one is one that I decorated. And believe it or not, we used a cookie press to put that snowflake design on the cookie with, and then I just went over it with the frosting. Pretty cute!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Girl

Thank you all for your kind wishes!

Kati did so well at the Vet! The vet said that she is Stoic. It took an awful lot of rotating and pulling to get even the slightest wince! Anyhow, the problem is solved! Poor little Kati had her hip popped out of place, probably from rough play with her doggie friends at doggie daycare on Wed. afternoon. So the Vet popped her hip back into place... it made the ickiest pop noise...The littles both scrunched up their faces and said 'ewww!' I even cringed but Katie.. she barely flinched! Such a tough girl! Then she gave Kati and anti-inflammatory to prevent swelling and some pain meds that she will take for a week with a prescription for rest, and no doggie day care for a little bit. Rest.. Ha! She's an Australian Shepherd! We'll try and keep her quiet, but with the pain meds she already feels a million times better! So she's back to her smily playful self again!