Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heat Wave!

Have you ever heard of such a thing as letting school out early because its sunny out?! Yesterday, and today Little Ann's school decided to take a half day because the temp was supposed to get up to between 95-104. They did this for schools all across CT.. I just thought it was so strange, although it does make since that the schools don't have adequate air conditioning and they don't want the kids to get fatigued, dehydrated, or have them passing out. So she came home at 1:45 and from then on we played in our little pool and the neighbors little pool all afternoon. This afternoon we are going to a pool party...
So at least if we are stuck in this hot hot heat, we have fun water activities to do to pass the time! :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Last week Little Dan turned 3!!! I baked him a cake (yellow double-layer cake with chocolate frosting and m&m's that spelled out "Happy birth day" on the top) and he got a handful of really cute gifts! It was a great day!!

P.S. I love being the Little's nanny! they are the awesomest! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Take a little Trip

Last weekend(or two weekends ago now) I had a three day weekend along with the majority of America. And along with 12% of America I took a road trip! I went to Delaware to my friend's family's beach house! It was so fun, quiet and relaxing!

Friday I drove down after work.. I got off work with an effort to make it there at a decent hour. Well the navi was set to allow ferry rides, which would have been totally fine, I love ferry rides! However, the ferries had closed by the time I reached them (only by half an hour too!!) And The ferry was going to take me from Cape May NJ across into Delaware, and then I would have only had about half an hour left of driving before I arrived. But since said ferry rides were close I had to drive all the way around the cursed Cape May!!! And yes I cried, and screamed and cursed to the heavens! I was pissed! I finally got back on course, re-fueled the vehicle, and proceeded to arrive at the Beach house at 1am Saturday morning! Once there I took a hot shower in one of the most amazing showers I have ever been in, and then I crashed on the incredibly comfy mattress, and slept until 10:30am!

Saturday was a lot better than Friday (obviously bc I didn't have to drive anywhere that the bitch navi could get me lost). So this gorgeous house! 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (amazing showers-by the time I left, I had sampled them all!) 3 living room/sitting room areas, dining room and kitchen and it was all so adorably decorated! I started off the day with coffee and knitting while my friend slept until 2! The rest of the day was spent pretty much just hanging out watching movies, doing nothing (very relaxing to do nothing). For dinner I grilled some stuffed flank steaks (yum-o!) and tossed some lettuce into a bowl. It was a delicious meal. By 10:30pm I was exhausted again and went to bed by 11:30.

Sunday I had the same slow start.. Coffee and knitting. Then we took a walk, and then went to the grocery store, and doodled around town... apparently we were in Maryland for a moment so I could check that off my list as well. Then we went back and the friend cooked me shrimp alfredo for dinner again with salad.. then we watched more tv and movies and just relaxed until I was exhausted and went to bed.

Monday I was planning on leaving around 3 so I made brunch, and then packed and hung out for a while before heading out. All in all it was a good weekend.. very relaxing and just the break I needed!

Now let me tell you about the showers! There were two that were just outright amazing! One was about 6'x3' and on each of the 3' walls had a large shower head that was positioned directly above your head with all sorts of different settings that caused me to waste too much water while testing them all! The other one was an odd shaped shower, but still very fantastic! It was a trapezoid with the shower head in the center of the longest wall (which was also probably 6' and then the two short sides were 3' and then you can do the math for the forth wall... but according to the Pythagorean Theorem should also be about 3') and then there were two little sprayer nozzles below the main shower head going down vertically in the wall so you could have a light misty rain like shower, or a downpour! It was also very adjustable, and so fantastic! (The photo here is of one of the several built in water features in the development.)

And here is a lovely picture of the George Washington Bridge all lit up as I was driving across it on my way back home! I found the lighting very pretty :)
Sorry it has taken me soo long to update! But that was my exquisite weekend at the beach house! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

On Saturday I watched the Cowboy and Cowgirl again.
The cowboy asked me if I had booms.
Yea, you do I can see those bumps under your shirt!
Oh! haha
Mommy's are bigger.
Really.. thats great, who wants to play with play-doh?
Well Mommy just has bigger everything! I want to play with play-doh!!

Kids are hilarious! Happy Munchkin Monday!
P.S. His Mommy really isn't much bigger than I am but it was just such a funny conversation.