Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Menu Efforts

I have been continuing to make a menu every week, and execute it with the hopes of getting the kids to try new foods. So far it has been working out pretty well.

Last week we had Tuna Casserole on Monday (both Littles ate a bite or two, and then picked out the pasta and peas to eat).

Tuesday we had Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, and Peas (it has been a hit both times we've had it, and I think it will become a regular on our menu!).

Wednesday we enjoyed some steamed Chicken, With Rice Pilaf, and Green Beans (Little Ann loved it all, Little Dan has decided to call Green beens Grass, and other than that, he ate and loved it all...this might always have to be on the menu!).

Thursday was Little Ann's birthday, so they enjoyed dinner out at her favorite restaurant, and Friday, we had pizza and brownies with the neighbors to celebrate her birthday again! All in all a pretty good week. Hopefully this week's menu will go over well with the Littles too.


Channon said...

I wanna' come eat with you every night! Can we shake 'n bake the pork?

~Tonia~ said...

Can you come and cook for us? Our boy would eat all that. :) Hopefully their tastes and adventures with food will continue to expand.