Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sag Harbor

Let me just first point out that it is not even 6AM, and I am already on cupa #2. Been up since about 4:30, it was almost funny when I woke up this morning. I heard crying, but my mind said, someone is handling it, go back to bed. (And that was the truth, someone was handling it.) But then it continued, so I struggled to roll over and look at the clock, and the 4 jumped out at me and scared me half to death. I managed to pull myself out of bed and go see if there was anything I could do to help so we could all sleep sooner, and there was nothing to be done. So I slinked, or rather stumbled, eyes half-open, back to bed and crawled in. Just one problem... My mind was now awake, so I just lay there not asleep, and listened to the crying that I could do nothing to help. And at 5:15, I decided to make coffee. So now I'm on cup number 2, and finally finding the time I have been looking for to blog. To be completely honest, any other moments I have had have been fleeting and my first thoughts are to quickly pick up my knitting before it's too late! But a week and a half ago, I spent the morning all by myself tooling around Sag Harbor.

It was great, and I needed it. While we have been here, I have explored many of the Hampton Towns. So far I have made it to East Hampton, where I bought the cutest bathing suit ever to be seen in all the planet! The movie theater is also there, and I have made it to see "The Switch", as well as "The Kids are All Right". I have also been through Amagansett, where I found the worlds best coffee! If you are in need of a delicious roast, let me know, and I will send it your way... I'm only here until Sunday, but I see on the bag that their main location is in NYC, so I'm sure I could make my way there to get some as well, and if not for you, most assuredly for me! Montauk was nice as well, but that was while a friend was out for a brief visit, so I'll save that post for another day. And other than this post, it is the only place I took pictures.. I'm sorry, but in ritzy East Hampton, you don't wanted to be spotted looking like a tourist. As for Amagansett, I have no excuse.

So Sag Harbor. It is a little Harbor town (never would have guessed right?), with big beautiful yachts, small storefronts, great sea food, and even houses with buoys attached. So I jammed in the car to my favorite toons on my way, windows down, sunroof open, and I arrived around 10AM. I really wanted a smoothy, but couldn't find one right away. So I simply meandered through the shops, and around the town until I came upon a farmers market. Very small. Very quaint. But really who has wine tasting tents set up at the farmers market to sample wine before noon... and yes there were multiple wine tents. So I tasted a sample. Then I successfully found a smoothy, mango-pineapple. And then I found my way to lunch at a little dock-side shack. I had an amazing lobster/seafood roll, with fries doused with malt vinegar. And even though I was full to the brim I ordered a cup of their clam chowder to bring home with me just in case I needed it when my body found room. And when I ate it, it was well worth it!

It was a wonderful and much needed day. But alas, the children are all awake now, so I am off to entertain. Or rather have fun with this kooky smile bringing boys!

Have a fabulous day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rainy Day Kids

Today is our first rainy day in the Hamptons. Which reminds me of a rainy day we had about a month ago back home.

These boys love the rain! They like to take rain walks, and get bundled up and play when it's pouring. This particular rainy day, they decided to get all geared up, and splash around in the back yard...

See anything peculiar about this picture? Jock has a tiny tushie, and his pants are always slithering down... When he was running around in the rain, it was no exception. Although he typically notices when his pants have hit the ground, he was beside himself with all the fun he was having in this wonderful weather! So he just played in the rain with his pants around his ankles, and I shamelessly photographed it.

What a great group I have to look after!
Are you a rain person? Do you splash about when the rain comes out? Or do you frown and stay inside? I am a rain person! I love it, unless it is going on for too many consecutive days...then it can get old, but here and there, not only can they be fun, but they are a great way to literally clear the air, and refresh the earth. What's not to love?!

Happy Munchkin Monday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What do you See?

I cast on project number two on Monday, and it is knitting up fairly quickly. The only problem is, my creativity for naming has run out. So, What do you see?

Any names just pop into your head when you look at this. Now really it isn't that big of a deal, I just want to give it a proper name for Ravelry. But when I knit it, that is all I can think about... and I'm drawing blanks.

Here is a bit of info about it, to get you started... the pattern is called Diamond Rib Bolero. The yarn is Stella, in Black. It has a gold strand in the twist, which I wrongfully thought might be subtle, so due to its prominence, it will be an evening wear thing. Anyway, it is almost complete, and you won't get a Finished Object Report until I have a name.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Munckin-ing at the Beach

The boys were just ushered out the door by yours truly, to be taken to camp by Mrs. Bean. Although Freddy and Jock will be attending the same camp, they will be in different groups and enjoying their own activities. Today is their first day, and I do hope they have fun. They are signed up to go for the remaining weeks that we are here, but based on their spirits, and how much they enjoy the camp, Mrs. Bean is thinking she may have them complete only the first week. Or she may have Jock, who is younger complete one week, and Freddy complete two. So cross your fingers that they have fun, because the more fun they have, the longer they continue going to their day camp, and the less cranky I will be! (See how it comes full circle?)

Last week, we were trying to come up with all different fun activities for the boys to do around town and at the beach to fill the days. We have been doing quite well, and I think they have only fulfilled their 30 minute daily tv limit three times!

One thing that we did that was particularly fun, was we had a beach breakfast! I made pancakes, and scrambled eggs, cut up some fruit, filled some water sippies, and packed Freddy Goes to Florida and we headed down to have a waterfront breaky.

It was great! Not a difficult task, and when we finished eating, we read two chapters from our book before heading out on an adventure. Can you believe that a beach breakfast was a big enough thing to fill the morning. Not only were their bellies full until lunch, but they were having so much fun, they forgot to complain until they became hungry at lunch time. What a great thing! This is definitely on the list of keepers. Anything that keeps them happy, keeps me happy! (Full Circle again... It's all relative!)

Happy Munchkin Monday!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Finished Lace

I finished my Hydrangea Shawl! Well that is what I have decided to call it because, the pattern looks like it has leaves in it, and the color the yarn is called is Hydrangea.

The pattern is called Springtime Bandit.
The yarn is Lobster Pot Cashmere Lace, hand dyed in bright hydrangea blue.
The needles are Addi Turbos size 9.

For this one, I didn't check gauge, or anything. The yarn that the pattern called for was much heavier, but as I was doing it in this fabulous yarn, and as it is lace, I didn't much care for gauging... although I have been a lot better about doing gauge swatches lately because I find that things are more likely to turn out how you expect them to when you swatch! (imagine that!)

So I finished it on the 23rd of July, then blocked it the following week so that I could have it ready to bring with me this month. The FO report had to wait as I wanted to get these lovely seaside images. These were taken by my helper at the beach, Freddy!

Happy Friday, and Happy Knitting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nature's Beauties

The Hamptons are definitely a place that I would have on that list. It is gorgeous here. We are nestled in a residential area in East Hampton, near Amagansett. We can see the Bay from the house, and it is just a two minute walk (at kid speed) to the beach. Simply wonderful.

So far work-wise, things have been good. Extremely better than past Nannying work trips I have been on. I have my own room.. enough said.

We have explored a little bit of the area. Took the kids putt putt golfing the other day, and I won a free game for the next time. We have spent a lot of time adventuring by foot, at the beach. The weather has overall been great. Although as I'm sitting here typing this, it is overcast, a little chilly, and there is actually enough fog in the air that our view of the water has turned into a view of smokey-white abyss this morning. All in all a great time is being had.

I have been knitting and jogging daily to keep myself sane. The knitting is my zen, and the jogging is just a wonderful breath of fresh air. I have only missed one day since arriving, and that was simply because I was the adult on duty and couldn't leave the kids here to go out.

My spirits are great, and we are almost finished with week one. Hopefully things keep up in the direction that they are going! More to come soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Knitting in the Hamptons

I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to knit, but I have been fitting it in. Which I am more than thrilled about being able to do. It is my way to wind down at the end of the day... not that I'm not already exhausted from running around with the kiddos all day.. That is why I started with an easy, mindless knitting pattern.

I cast on Herbage while stopped in some parking lot after getting off the ferry boat. Mrs. Bean was feeding baby Jinx, and we were all just standing around for a few hours.. yes I did say hours. 2 to be exact. I figured that I could stand and knit.

I was using the long tail cast on method, and after trying, 2 times, I finally got it, with enough yarn for all the stitches, on the third time. That was all I accomplished while we were there... well that and drinking some more coffee!

Throughout the past 2 days however, I have managed to get in enough time to do just under 30 rows of the pattern. Not a huge amount, but I am satisfied with 15 rows a day while I'm working.

So that's that. Nothing to exciting. I will post withing the next few days about just the environment here in the Hamptons... all I can say is, so far, it's all good.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Face Shapes

Every once in a while, I get tired of sitting around the house doing the same mundane activities with the Bean Farm kids, so we go on outings. This particular outing was to a place called Earth Place. It is a fun facility geared towards adventurous kids. They get to run around and explore the environment. There are indoor activities, and outdoor trails and things. Fun, fun place. Great place for the boys to let off steam.

While we were there, we found a giant peg board thing. It was red on one side and clear on the other, and when you pushed all the pegs to one side, you could make designs by pushing some of them to the other side. Or, you could push your face in them, and that started a world of fun... push your face in once, or see how many times you could fit your face in the peg board. These boys tried it all. And I enjoyed chuckling right along in their fun!

Sometimes it is good to be easily amused! And I love finding great new ways to keep kids happy, this definitely falls into that category!

Have a happy munchkin Monday!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summertime Shake

This is not some sort of a dance move, but it is a filling drink snack time.
A Blueberry Peach Smoothie

I have an intolerance for dairy products, but Trader Joe's carries a delicious Soy Yogurt, and I love their peach flavor. Toss that into a blender with some frozen Blueberries....

And Voila! A fabulously fruity, wonderful Shake. Check out the color:

Not only does it taste good, it is beautiful!

Happy Summertime Slurping!