Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working outside

I've been working on my knitting as much as possible! I have been attending a weekly knitting group on Saturday mornings, and its really fun! I love being able to see what everyone else is working on, and get pointers and great tips from everyone.

This morning and the other morning while Little Dan and I were playing outside, enjoying some of the warmer days of winter, I brought my coffee and my knitting with us. It was very enjoyable to knit while he was playing and talking to him about how silly he is! Its great to make him laugh about everything!

I also love the peacefulness of our backyard. We have a great view through the wooded area, down to the pond which is now frozen! Little Dan and I talk about the birds that we can see and hear--he is very observant!

Ooh, and I know have been able to try on my cardigan, (it fits!) and now it has armholes too!!

Happy knitting :)


Channon said...

Look at that cardigan grow! You'll be done before you know it.

gaylen said...

That cardi looks fabulous! When can I see it in person?

Loved the menu planning and the backyard play. You swing bag doesn't look anywhere as big as mine. g

~Tonia~ said...

Yay for arm holes! It is very lovely.

dogyarnfun said...

Cute knitting tote bag.