Thursday, May 29, 2008

dot dot dot

Happy Thursday (Dogs on!)

YOu all remember me talking about the Cowboy and Cowgirl... Well here are some pics of their adorable dogs!

This is Juna (like Juno, but Jun-a)

And this is Girly! (I don't think that is her real name, but that is what the Cowboy called her and I think its cute!)

SO there you have it! Give lots of love to all you're 4-leggers! (Kati would like you all to know that she still exists even though Juna & Girly stole her spotlight this week!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Best Way To Start The Day

Is to have a small child that is supposed to know when to tell you he has to go to the bathroom, sitting on you're lap, and then have your lap become wet. But on top of that, you think that all of the urine must have been soaked up by his pj's and your cute new sweat pants, so when you're taking things off of both of you to toss them in the wash hastily you step in the small puddle of urine that was not soaked up! How obnoxious!!

Yes that is how Little Dan and I started the day. So now he is running around the house naked and I am sitting at the computer in my underwear (thank god S is away on business!). Oh and to top it off, We're out of laundry detergent which means that now I have to go to the grocery store today instead of tomorrow!!

Off to hop in the shower to wash away the pee (and yes I squealed when my leg became wet, "You peed on me!") and make a grocery list so we can get everything instead of just laundry soap so then I at least won't have to go to the store twice!

The Joys of Nannying!

Monday, May 19, 2008

She Thinks My Tractor's

Sexy So Cute!!
Every Saturday my friend Jocelyn watches these two little kiddos, The Cowboy and Cowgirl! They are pretty cute kids, and I have covered for her a few times, one time over this past weekend. At one point the kid's father came home for a break in between jobs (he's a photographer and was coming home for lunch b/w a bat mitzvahs and a wedding). While he was home he mowed the lawn with what the cowboy was excitedly running around the house calling "daddy's tractor". Well that isn't even the cute part, after he was done mowing, he hooked up a trailer and took the kiddos for a ride! No wonder the cowboy was so excited to see the tractor! And of course I had to snap a photo. Look at their cute little hats! :)

Happy Munchkin Monday!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I love Swappin!

Its so fun to buy cute little things for someone else! & to have someone else buy cute little things for you!!

I got my package at the beginning of last week and I haven't had much time to post anything. So here are some pics and stuff!

Sharon sent me a wonderful package! It had two different types of coffee: Verona from Starbucks, and The Presidents Blend... one of her favorites, that I must say is quite delicious! And then she sent me the cutest little mug, some cocktail napkins with the cutest little quote, "I'll have a caffe mocha vodka Valium latte to go, please!" -Leah Dylan soo funny! She also included two little things of soy milk, some gorgeous springy green and coordinating variegated yarns, knitting needles (in a size that I was just about to go out and buy for some spring scarfs I wanted to start!), these way cute stitch markers, a key chain that says "princess and proud of it" yup!, and then the cutest handknits: a pot holder, which is perfect bc I love cooking, and a little tiara! Thats right I've been crowned! :D

What an awesome package! Thanks Sharon!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Munchkins Celebrate Mother's Day

S hadn't planned anything for the kids to do for G for mothers day, so I decided I should come up with something so that she could be celebrated. I took the kids to this cute little shop called 'Hands On Pottery' ... If you couldn't tell by the name of the place, its a pottery studio where you can go and paint pre-made pottery. It is super cute! So they each made G something special!

Here is the start of Little Dan's Masterpiece:

Here is the start of Little Ann's Masterpiece:

They both did wonderful work! And were very well behaved while we were there (although that good behavior may have been as a result of bribery to earn cookies and cocoa)!

On a completely Separate Note: Happy Birthday to Blogfree (for now) Jessica!!!! She is wonderful and beautimous, and deserves to have a stupendous birthday! :) Have a good one Jess! This is a picture of her and her hubby at the Watertown Zoo in North New York!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Spring Flinger T.O.W.
We'll go free form this week - Post about your WIPs, post about your package, post about the weather where you are - just be sure to include that the post is for the Spring Fling Weekly Topic somewhere inside it when you tell us it's there! I'd love to hear how folks are enjoying the goodies they received, if they have, or how much fun you had shopping for your pal!

So.. My WIPs are a few springy scarfs... I bought some turquoise yarn that is very springy, and then I got some coral-y colored yarn that looks like flowers! So I found some patterns for some skinny lacy scarfs and have gotten the turquoise one cast on. I am also still working on my blue/green variegated shawl.. I'm on ball #3 now, out of 5...coming along nicely.

As for my package, I just finished my handmade item for it, so my package will be off... I will have to do an express package so that my swap friend will get it on time! I will post more about my package tomorrow!

As far as shopping for my pal! Well I may as well be called a professional shopper! So I have found a few really great things for my pal.. And I received my package from my pal today too, and it was awesome!!! I will post those pics tomorrow too! So basically this swap has been a blast!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

TV dog!

Kati has been with cone for about two weeks, but if she is being quiet, I'll allow her to go without it. So she has been coming to relax on the couch. And she is loving the tv. I was able to catch her in the act... of being a good girl that is :)

Happy Dogs on Thursday! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Devil

Have you ever met the devil?

I have... he lives at my house. He is very mean and pops up unexpectedly just when you least expect him! He is nasty! And I want him to leave. He comes in the form of sugar!

That little devil is everywhere! He is in our food, drinks and he has convinced even The Littles to love him! And now he is working on me. I will be doing homework, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I need a sugary snack. Or first thing in the morning when I'm pouring a cup of joe, all of a sudden I must add in some sweet cream. I'm tellin ya, that little devil is here... and hopefully not to stay!

But I've got a plan to get him out: today while grocery shopping, I was reading all of the labels (do you know how long it takes to grocery shop when you have to find the sugar content in everything? I have decided that since the kiddos have their snacks that they are used to, and they know they only get one sugary snack per day, I will continue getting their fruit snacks, however, I have yet to find something that I can enjoy for snacky food, that isn't loaded with sugar or ridiculously high in calories.... is that so much to ask?!
Anyhow that is the struggle that I am having right now, so I am trying to switch from all the oh-so-delicious coffee mate creamers to plain Soy Creamer for my coffee, and then go from there. I'm still trying to convince that little devil that just because Little Dan needs my help opening his fruit snacks, doesn't mean that he needs my help eating them!

I heard that if you can cut out sugar for something like 3 days (personally I think it'd need to be gone for at least a week) then the sugar will be out of your system and you will no longer crave it... I'm going to give it a shot, but I think that if I see it, I will want it...

So here's to giving that little sugary devil the boot!