Friday, February 27, 2009

It Has Arrived!

I got my Kindle :)
It is super sleek and stylish. Functional and wonderful. This is a photo of the oh so cute packaging it was wrapped up in. So, at Chan's request, here is what I think of it so far.

It is small and easy to bring with me wherever I go.
I love the sleep mode for when I have to quickly stop reading to run around with the littles.
I love the fact that you can set it to read out loud, sense lately we've been trying to spend more time outside playing and going for walks, I can set it in the stroller and plug in some headphones and listen while we walk.
I love that you can also change the pace of the reader to set it to a speed that is easy for you to follow along with, and you can also choose a female voice or a male voice.
I love that you can turn it off and the next time you turn it on it will go right back to where you stopped reading. It also does this if you choose to read another book for a while and then go back to another one, it will start you back where you left off.
I love the ability to shop for new books right from the Kindle store on the device and if you aren't sure you are going to like it you can get a free sample of the first chapter instantly downloaded and you can start reading. Then if you like what you read you can just click and buy the entire book which will also instantly download.
I love that it has a built in dictionary, so if you come across a word that you don't know you can scroll to it and it will give you the definition.
I love that it also has wikipedia on it so if you want to learn more about a specific topic you've read about you can search for it.
I love that the pages look just like the pages in a regular book, and there is no glare when you are reading outside.

The only thing that I don't like is that the first one came with a case included and this one doesn't so you have to spend an additional $30 for one. But I chose to just go find some wool sweaters from the Goodwill to cut up and sew together for cases. I will get multiple cases out of the 3 sweaters I purchased for $20. I will of course post pictures once they are done.

All in all I love my little Kindle. Oh and I have decided to give it a name. Krykit. Like a little bug cricket, but on the Kindle it calls it Krystle's Kindle so I took the Kry from my name and the Ki from kindle and added the t. Cute, I know.

Happy Reading :)


Channon said...

Can you FEEEEEEL the itch? My fingers are itching to go buy one... My uncle has a Kindle (original) he's just learning to use, and I SO wish they'd waited and gotten him K2, as he's legally blind... Then, on bad eye days, it could read to him...

gaylen said...

Comments HiJack - but Chan - couldn't you buy the K2 for him and then take his original?

As for you Missy - you're sounding a bit like TMO naming your gadgets - just sayin'. g

Sue said...

I gave Rob a Kindle for Christmas expecting that after a few days he'd get tired of it and I could use it. Wrong!! He loves it and takes it everywhere with him. Maybe Santa will bring me one next Christmas.