Monday, February 9, 2009

It is finally gettting a little bit warmer!

Little Dan and I decided it would be fun to open up the sand table that hasn't been used sense the Fall. It was great fun, and nice to be able to get some fresh air! Although, we did have to run inside again to get a little bit more bundled up, after all, it is still Winter time!

Now with the hat and gloves were were able to play outside with the sand table and running around with the pups for about an hour and a half! Hopefully it will stay warm, or get consistently warmer, that'd be awfully nice too :)

Happy Munchkin Monday! Hopefully its warm enough were you are to go out and get some fresh air too :)

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~Tonia~ said...

It was nice and warm here in the 50's. Unfortunately after all the snow and rain the yards are nothing but marshes.