Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Moving Day..

&& I'm so excited! I've been packing little things that I could go without for a little while for about 2 months now, and then last night it was like Christmas Eve, where you can't sleep because of all the excitement.. So I stayed up and packed my wardrobe, and then convinced myself into bed. All I have left to do is get everything from the house here, to my apartment! (oh, and sign the lease, pay my rent, buy the furniture...nothing big. lol)

Do I have too much or too little clothing in my wardrobe? I made everything fit into 1 small suitcase
1 medium suitcase
1 large suitcase
2 duffle bags
1 large tote bag
1 rubbermade however-many-gallon-bin (after being packed into 2 space-bags and having all the air sucked out of them)

So I can't quite decide, Should I never be aloud to shop again, or do I need more?? (I have a feeling it is the first option, but it's sad to even think it..though on my new apartment living budget... that I've made and gone over about a dozen times, I don't think I'll have any problem with spending my soon to be non existent funds)

Wardrobe aside, I think I should be able to move everything this weekend, and then just spend the next week setting everything up and putting things away. For those of you who are curious on the layout I chose, I went with the last one (#6), keep in mind that there will be a room divider separating the two spaces so they can be there own, and I also have in mind a few small ways that I can re-arrange the furniture from time to time, which surprisingly enough is something that I thoroughly enjoy! ... I will take pictures when It is all set up and photo ready.

Have a fabulous weekend! The Princess is moving out!


gaylen said...

I hope you have lots and lots of extra babysitting gigs lined up.

Channon said...

Um... since I'm not sure my yarn stash would fit in those containers (suitcases included), I think you're just fine. I'm not much of a minimalist though.

gaylen said...

I think it's now time for some in process photos.