Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tongue's Out!

I do realize that the Tongues out contest is over, but I have some that I didn't get around to posting as I was away and have been Busy... So here is the exhausted miss Zahra with her tongue dangling to the floor:

And here is miss Kati, licking her lips:

Aren't they cute!

Happy Dogs On Thursday :p (my tongue is out too! lol)


gaylen said...

Mine too - it's 85* inside and I can't put off vacumming any longer. UGH! g

Channon said...

I did tongues out too today, without really being aware of it. I think dogs are especially cute with their tongues out.

Nichole said...

I guess my gang did tongues out today too without knowing... lol.
Cute pics!