Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

I had a wonderful and action packed weekend, but for now I just want to show you some fireworks. We went to two different displays this year: The first on was the town's display, and the second one was a friend of a friends neighborhood blow up competition.

They were both right by the water, and were great.. the town had a beautiful display that lasted about a half an hour, and then they actually controlled traffic pretty well, so that everyone could get out without much hassle.
The neighborhood display, was also right on the water, and they basically had 5 blocks of beach blocked off, and 3 different blast sites putting on shows from the beach and we were all watching from the street. It was so crazy, it lasted for two and a half hours!! These people must have spend a fortune on fireworks! But it was beautiful, in both instances the fireworks would reflect in the water, and they had such a variety that it was just a great show.
The above pictures are from the town show, and here are some from the neighborhood show..

I did these last ones, one with the flash on, one with it off, so you could see the fireworks, and the people. I'm sure there is some fancy computer techy way to overlay the pictures so that they become one picture of the people with the fireworks, but I'm not tech smart.

Hope you all had a Happy Forth!


Channon said...

Love 'em! I have to download my photos from the fireworks last night. We saw two shows, although we only went to one; the Knight was CRAVING some banana pudding, and because we live in nowhere, when we topped the "mountain" where the grocery store sits, we could see the City's display.

Nichole said...

happy 4th!