Sunday, July 12, 2009

While I'm in Block Island...

Let me update you on something that I ventured to a long time ago but never mentioned here....
It has to do with Yarn!
And Sheep (as well as a few other farm animals in their family tree).
And Knitting!

The Connecticut Yarn and Wool Festival (which took place on 4/25/09) :) It was so fun, and it was my first knitting festival of any kind, so it was extra special in that way. A few people from my knitting group went up there, and that's how I knew about it...thank goodness for Ravelry, and finding a local knitting group!

So I ended up purchasing a bunch of yarn, and a drop spindle (that came in a learn to spin kit, with a book, and enough fiber to get me going), then I purchased a bunch of fiber (probably too much) that I was excited about... and so far I have done nothing with it! But I did make a tiny little yarn ball, but I need to start trying to spin.. and I think once I move into my apartment and have no excess money to spend, I will start dipping into my craft stashes, and utilizing what I have.. so it is good that I have an excess stock of yarn and other crafty things ;)

Here is the lot of what I got: (At this point, I don't remember what is what, so if you want to know, comment or email me, and I will double check the label)

And here are some pictures of the animals :)


Channon said...

What a beautiful spindle! Don't worry. I have three spindles, wheel and a host of fiber, and I haven't spun a bit since Gretchen arrived.

gaylen said...

you can perfect spinning fingering weight and send me sock yarn :) g