Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from the Block

There are some pretty strange traditions that occur in Block Island... mostly things that the Block regulars or residents are involved in... They have this rock on part of the Island that is referred to as "Painted Rock" that is painted by someone different in a different color or different words all the time I don't have any photos of it, but it is pretty cool that people run out to paint it randomly in the middle of the night.

They also use rocks on the beaches of all different shapes and sizes to build Rock Statues. This little thing I did participate in:

They are pretty fun to see all around the beaches, and some of them are huge!

Another tradition is going to this restaurant/bar called the Oar, and having mudslides there. They are located right in the new harbor area, and the views are great! People also bring in paddles (or oars) that have been painted or carved with little slogans on them. Last year (and I'm sure several years past as well) the family has discussed doing an oar for our family and bringing it in. Well, this year S carved an oar with the shapes of puzzle pieces, and then put last years group photo from BI in the center of the puzzle, then G painted the handle to read "Piecing together Great memories sense 1992" with the 3 family names following. It turned out really well, and they hung it up in the Oar the next day.. and we came back to have lunch (and more mudslides) and admire it.

The puzzles are another tradition. We always bring puzzles and that is something everyone will work on while we are there. This year we were only able to complete 6 and a half. We work from easiest to most complicated and with the final one, we ran out of time and had to take it down when it was half way finished. But I think that last year we only did 6 puzzles, so we still beat our record... if you can count half of a puzzle that is.

This year it was a lot of fun, and we had many new memories to add to the sea of old, and one new family member to bring to keep the traditions alive, and make new traditions with.
What kinds of Vacation traditions do you have in your family?
I think one thing that I will do when I get a family, is to vacation in a new place each year, but to do some of the same things with the family at each place we go... I think that would be fun!

Here are my beach feet, waving good night!

(oh man could I use a pedicure!)


Channon said...

I need a pedicure too. If we don't road trip for a test drive (you know, in a city big enough that the dealerships are open on Sundays?), I am going to go get a pedicure!

gaylen said...

I so need a pedi and didn't get one while in Portland. I spent my money on yarn and ice cream instead. Guess I'll have to do it myself. g