Friday, August 7, 2009

I Move like a sloth!

I will have some photos of you soon, but so far, my camera hasn't made any trips to my apartment, other than it's initial sighting.

Last weekend, I made Mr. McGregor come to Ikea with me to help me load the furniture into the car, and then haul it all up to my 2nd story apartment (which is only 20 stairs up). He was a very good sport, but after working all day and then moving something like 500lbs of furniture. After realizing that he has never built a thing in his life, I built the sofa bed and he helped as much as he could and then we both went home at 3 in the morning exhausted!
Over the course of the weekend I built the rest of the furniture, except the bedframe, and started moving boxes of stuff in. The bed frame was built last night so that the mattress can be placed on it during delivery tonight! So far, the bathroom is completely put together, the kitchen is as done as it can be until I move my dishes over in the drive from WA.. and sense all of the furniture is built, and some of my stuff is already on it, I should have everything moved and put away by the end of the weekend. :) I have had some help from Mr. McGregor, and some from my friend Jodie, but mostly I've just been doing little trips by myself 2 boxes or so a day, and then unpacking and putting the contents away while I'm there, it is certainly making things easier... I will try to show you what it looks like on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!


Channon said...

Inch by inch... you'll get there! I bet you're sleeping soundly though, eh?

gaylen said...

Well you are putting everything in it's place as you move it in and it's not like you're going to be sleeping there every night just yet. So - chill out. it will happen in time.

i see you finally decided upon a mattress. g

LauraMarie said...

I like sloths...