Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bora Bora's Birthday!

That's right Miss Laura aka Bora Bora, is turning a quarter century old today! And as I love her very much she is getting a birthday post :)

When she wakes up this morning, she will have instructions via text message to read my blog, and then follow these directions:
1. Do NOT get dressed! Must stay in comfy clothes/PJ's
2. Grab your camera... your super fancy one.
3. Get into vehicle.
4. Drive to the Edmonds Bakery on main Street, just up from the Ferry Docks, near the fountain and the old fashioned movie theater..
5....find the surprise!
6. Take a picture of the surprise, so I can see how it turned out of cours! ;)
7. Drive to the waterfront, or any other place you love, and take beautiful pictures, as I know you enjoy doing this, and you are wonderful at it.
8. Enjoy the surprise, and feel my super stretch arms hugging you on your special birthday!
9. Report to me :)

Happy Birthday Laura! I am so lucky to have you in my life, you are a vital friend, and you are always putting everyone else first.. well today I want you to put you first, and go do something you really enjoy!

I love you very Much, happy 25th!


Ani said...

What if she went to bed wearing her birthday suit last night?

Then can she get dresssed?!

Channon said...

What's the surprise?! Do I really have to wait until she wakes, follows your instructions and gets around to blogging about it?!

Oh - and happy birthday Laura!

gaylen said...

Channon email me and I'll tell you :) Miss Princess - you know Miss L will not go out in public in jammies pants! Mean girl.

Happy Birthday Miss L. g

LauraMarie said...

Thank You!!!!!!!!

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

It was a very, very cool surprise!