Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road Trip Ready!

While I was in Block Island, fabulous Mr. Jay made the transaction to purchase my new car! (Now all I need to do is sell my Jeep..know anyone who wants a Wrangler?)

The New car is a 1997 Lexus GS300, Black Exterior, and tan leather interior... it has auto everything, and a sun roof!! Yaya!

(These pictures are not of my actual car, but just of ones I found when searching Google Images for "1997 Lexus GS300".)
In exactly a month I will be driving the new ride across the country, from Seattle, to Connecticut, with miss Laura, taking i-90 most of the way. We haven't solidified the drive-plan but we have a good outline, and a slight bit of lenience in the plans.. So if anyone knows of any excellent destinations along the Northern US, close to Interstate 90, feel free to let us know, we are open to suggestions, and I'll clue you in on the plan when we know more what we are up to.

For now, however, I am very excited about the new vehicle! :D


Channon said...

Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it.

veedogknitter said...

Do NOT miss Wall Drug, SD! NOT miss the CORN PALACE in Mitchell, SD. Europe may have the glorious castles, but do they have one made of CORN? No, they do NOT.
Also, while in SD, see Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and The Badlands. So much to see in South Dakota...whoda thunk it??

LauraMarie said...

im Excited!!!!!!! Mainly to see you because it has been too long, and then for our advneture... and they are different shirts, the one in my pic is new as of a few weeks ago and the one in your pic is new a few weeks before that pic...

Ani said...