Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yankees Game!

On The Fourth of July I went to Yankee Stadium with Mr. McGregor, and we watched them play against Toronto... winning in the 12th inning! I was great! We took the train down and back (and I had my knitting with me, to occupy me on the ride), then had a beer at the Hard Rock Yankee Stadium, it's actually in the stadium, so we could get the souvenir pilsner glasses, and then settled in to watch the game...
It was an afternoon game on an absolutely gorgeous day, it was a blast! Our seats were amazing too, three homers were hit to the section directly right of us... like no more than 10 seats away! wow! We will definitely have to do another ballgame this season :)

Then we went to the fireworks display.. I think this is a pretty good picture of us from before the fireworks started after we were back from the game..


gaylen said...

Channon - I know you'll eventually come over, read and comment. So - what do you think, have I lost my girl? Yep, me too.

Glad you had fun - but you need to find a real Yankees fan - you never leave before the game is over!!! g

gaylen said...
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Channon said...

He's cute, you look very happy... I'll second your mom's motion. ;)

Love the photo of the two of you with the sunset in the background!

Ani said...

When did you go Brunette!! I love it!! :-)
Looks like a fun day! :-)