Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work Temporarily Stopped

Okay so if you were reading earlier this week, I posted my newest WIP... something very ambitions for me-A cardigan.

Well, I'm stuck, I have a feeling that I'm just thinking too much about what I'm doing, instead of just working my way through it, but I'm stuck none-the-less. I have scanned a copy of my pattern into the computer, and sent it onto the Queen. I figured that sense she is the one that encouraged me to do this project (well I really wanted to, but she did insist that I can) she can help me.

This is a "top down" pattern, so I started with the collar, which is now complete, but now I am working on the increase short rows, and I feel funny leaving all of those stitches just sitting on the end....I know they are supposed to be there, but am I leaving the right amount? I'm just following the instructions, so I'm sure I am, but I just want to make sure I'm properly knitting my most expensive knit project ever!

Oh well, I'll just let it sit for today, and hopefully Mom will come to the rescue and re-assure me, or help me fix it. Moms are great like that, aren't they?! :)

Happy Wednesday


Channon said...

I've found I tend to over-think patterns sometimes. It really is as simple as reading and doing, and trusting that the pattern is right - MOST of the time.

Never hurts to have someone else confirm that it's going right though. Let's hear it for your mom!

gaylen said...

You'll have to wait until I get to work. Short rows are just that though, a short portion of the row. Not sure why your cardi uses short rows for shaping, but we'll deal.

Short rows are used to make heels in socks all the time - even if you don't use a short row heel. How do you think you make the heel "turn."

I'll call you later :) g

veedogknitter said...

Your mom ROCKS at helping fix those knitting problems from a distance! She helped me with a cardigan, when i kept losing stitches.
good luck!!