Monday, January 12, 2009

The Sweetest Littles :)

So on Friday when Little Ann arrived home from school and Little Dan woke up from his nap, they decided that they wanted to bake me cookies for my birthday! And I wasn't allowed to help!!

Here they are mixing them all up, and then after they placed them on the cookie sheets, one batch with M&M's and one batch without. Little Dan and I like M&M's but the rest of the house is not partial to them.

What a sweet bunch of Munchkins :) Happy Munchkin Monday!


veedogknitter said...

ok...i need an after shot..because i am going to feel mighty bad if a couple of munchkins can get their cookies to turn out better than i can get mine to turn out!!
Please at least humor me, and tell me they flattened out across the cookie sheet, or totally ran together into on large pan cookie. ;o)

gaylen said...

How sweet. Although that flash . . .

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