Friday, January 16, 2009

Finished Objects....?

What are those??

I did have some finished objects... they had to be finished for Christmas pressies :) Here they are:
The first 3 are a cell phone cover I knit for my friend Casey :)

This next one is S's scarf, pre finishing... I need to take a picture of the completed thing.

The final picture is of G's scarf. This is also pre-finishing... well the main body of the scarf was done... but you can see the little tail sticking out there, and I also added a fringe.

Wonder what I will start up next!! :) [maybe I should work on finishing some of the many projects that I still have on the needles!]

Happy Knitting :)


Channon said...

Love the colors in the cozy!

veedogknitter said...

those cell phone cozies are too cute!! Good job on all the projects! It feels so good to finish something...i need to keep telling myself that, and free up some of the needles!

Ani said...

those cell phone covers look great! :-) so colorful, I love the button! :-)