Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A brief Winter recap

To go with my sister's long account for our time together with the holidays, if you didn't make it through her novel, here is a brief recount with pictures. Just the highlights, I promise ;)

She arrived just after a blizzard which covered everything with beautiful Snow :D

The first fun thing that we did together, was enjoy facials and pedicures at the spa! Such a great bonding activity, and very relaxing :)

Skip forward to Christmas Eve> we woke up at a pre sunny hour of 4AM!! To take the train down to the city and visit the Today show.

Unfortunately for us, the sun never showed up that day, so after the today show we wandered around NYC for a few hours, had lunch in Times square and hopped the train back to CT, and proceeded to get ready for a fancy Christmas Eve dinner at a fancy little restaurant. Here we each are, all dolled up at dinner. A delicious a fancy evening... so fun!

Christmas morning finally arrived! Jess and I get just as excited as we used to when we were young! We had decorated my little plant in my room, and stacked up a few gifts from each other and the rents to open Christmas morning. But first we had to open our stockings and gifts from G, S, and the was so nice of them to include us in the Christmas morning festivities!

The Saturday following Christmas, We went to a Holiday Cocktail party at my friend Jodie's house. There was a nice sized group of us there, all dolled up and enjoying the fun. There were plenty of little appetizers, and good music to keep things lively and fun. To the left is Jodie and I at the begging of the night, and below is a group shot of everyone just before everyone started to go home.

The following day we decided to make our way up to Yale. We wondered there beautiful campus, and bought sweatshirts at their bookstore. We sat with the lion that I named Gryffindor :) And we touched the toe of some guy which is supposed to bring you luck--though I can't seem to remember his name! Someone later even commented that they like my Yale sweatshirt, they asked where I bought it, when I said Yale, they asked if I went there... I said no, but next time I'm saying yes!! lol

The next big thing we did was go to Boston on New Years day. We stayed at the double tree across the river from downtown Boston. It was absolutely freezing the night we were there! After dinner we tried to make it to Boston Common for a walk and some site seeing, but it was too cold, we only lasted for 15 minutes! Later we met up with G&S's nephews Ian and John to do a little pub crawl through a few bars downtown. The next day was just for driving back, and returning the rental car. Below (l to r) me, Ian, John, and Jessica at one of the Irish pubs we wandered into.

After Boston, the next big thing was Jessica flying back to Seattle. Though we did venture back into NY to visit a 4 story mall for a day.. who wouldn't love that?!

Anyhow, that is officially the holiday update! I guess I was lying when I said it would be brief...but at least it had fun pics to keep ya reading! :) I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

So long Jessica, and thanks for visiting me! :D


Channon said...

Love all the photos. I need to remember to take more photos when I'm at the retreat this weekend!

veedogknitter said...

Great pics! And technically, you DID go to Yale. You may not have ATTENDED, but you did GO!

gaylen said...

Great pics of you two. Sounds like you had fun, it might have been long, but fun. g

Marjie said...

Nice pictures; looks like a great sister experience. My dearly beloved grew up 1 town north of Yale, and spent plenty of time visiting it. Boston and NYC are a blast, too. Happy new year from Thor and his family!