Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jello is dangerous!

My actual birthday was more of a recovery day, and my Friday night was the celebration! It was quite a lot of fun! And I didn't drink too much..I ate too much Jello!! Jello shots that is...so delicious, but sooo dangerous! Don't worry, I didn't eat all of them!

My friends were so great to all come out and celebrate! We had a delicious dinner at my favorite Mexican Restaurant, and then moved into the bar.. I got to wear the hat 3 times! I'm not exactly sure why they kept singing to me, but it was fun anyway, and everyone was buying my drinks and shots, and my dinner, so I got out without paying a dime! It was fun to go out for the night to celebrate with my friends, we all had a blast, and I really let loose! I never drink in excessive amounts, because I really don't enjoy the aftermath... but for my birthday, it was ok :)

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes! :D

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