Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Something that I have been noticing about myself, is that I really love being able to capture images of all kinds of things. Whether it's something beautiful found in nature, or just the vibrant colors of food. I really love photography. Although I'm not sure the simple point and shoot of the camera that I use is considered photography... I do enjoy capturing whatever it is that is flirting with my imagination, and asking me to frame it.

At any rate! (little joke for Mr. Jay & Mom) here are some images that mother nature provided me with:

These little spiky seed ball things (above) fell off of this naked winterized tree (below) I find them simply lovely and intriguing.

And this is the thick sheet of ice on the surface of the Charles River in Boston, MA. You can see the order in which the ice froze, and how the water was flowing by the swirls, and curves in the ice. Very cool! (Freezing cold, cool...lol)

There ya go... a few of natures gifts :)


Channon said...

Really love the photo of the ice waves.

GoldenTracks said...

Love the pic of the ice waves!!!
Your pic of the gum balls is truly artistic, but I HATE GUMBALLS. Those are the seed pods from Sweet Gum Trees, a native to NC. W paid a fortune to get 3 of them removed from our property, They can be quite dangerous when walking dogs at night. Now the trees that our neighbors have provide plenty of gumballs to our yard, driveway, etc, every time we have a windy day.
Never the less....great artwork with your camera

Jess said...

You should mention that we saw the tree and it's seeds at YALE! Woo!

Love Jess (you're seestor)