Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guest Blogger, Jessica.

Hey guys! This is the Princess' sister, The Musical One. I'm going to guest blog about our vacation escapades. It started off with a blizzard. Not for me, I missed most of the bad snow in Seattle, but my sister and our friend Case had to drive through a blizzard to pick me up the airport. But I'm pretty impressed with the snow plow system they have on this coast. The roads were clear. So my flight landed, and an hour later my luggage got there, and 25 minutes after that Krystle and Case showed up to pick me up. We hit an IHOP for breakfast and then headed back to the airport to drop Case off. Later that day we did facials and pedicures, and the guy who did my pedicure was weird. Like, awkwardly so. But it was still a good day. We met Krystle's friend and a date for drinks, and hung out. Then we crashed. The first week was good, but I got sick on Sunday and spent a ridiculous amount of time sleeping. It was pretty awesome.
On Christmas Eve we went into NYC to hit the Today Show. Where we waited outside in the cold and the rain, and our sign was ruined, and we were never seen on TV. Krystle's going to have to try again. We meandered around the city, and then we grabbed lunch at Applebees (which is a staple in my life, but Krystle hasn't seen a lot of it since she moved to the other coast). We got giant apple cups. Awesome. Krystle's letting me take both of them home! Yay! We took the train back and got ready to go to dinner at this little steak house bistro type place. It was very nice. We ordered good food, and 3 deserts. Yum.
Christmas day was good. Krystle's boss made us stockings, and there were presents under the tree for both of us. It was very nice of them. After presents from Krystle's family, we helped the littles with some of their stuff, and then headed upstairs to open stockings from The Queen and Mr. J. We got some amazing stuff. Hand knit socks, new PJ pants, and this amazing cord carrier for traveling. Neat stuff from the rents. We went down to help with some stuff for the dinner for 25 and then we headed out to see a movie. We saw Benjamin Button. Good movie. Came back and people were starting to show up for dinner. I met, and forgot, countless people. But dinner was good and the company was good.
Friday we did Karaoke. Yes. Singing in front of strangers. It was a good time, because I don't like doing Karoake at home... People know me there. These were people I wasn't going to see again. And, I have the most amazing Karaoke song. Lorrie Morgan, My Night To Howl. I got Krystle to go up and sing with me 3 times, and I sung by myself once. On Saturday we went and saw 4 Christmases. Very cute. And then we kind of hung in.
Sunday we went to Ikea. Yes. Ikea. Dreaded place. Krystle got some stuff for her room, while I tried to hurry her along because I wanted to go to another movie. haha. Well, Ikea took 22.5 years, so afterwards, we went to Yale. Turns out, Ikea is only 4 minutes away from Yale. The campus is beautiful. And it was just fun to go wander around, and take pictures. We ended up at the book store (after asking directions from 2 different people) and we both got Yale sweatshirts. Krystle had to work that night, so she dropped me off for 3 hours in heaven. Ahhh, Barnes and Noble. Love it. Then we grabbed dinner with a couple of her friends.
Monday we took the littles to see Marley and Me as a Christmas present from me. Wow. It was good, and sad, and really made little Ann think about how her dogs aren't bad, they are just missunderstood. She told her mom that Katie and Zara were good dogs when we got home.
Tuesday was a pretty slow day. We wanted to go to the aquarium, but little Dan took a long nap. So we had just enough time to try and run some errands before everything closed. Gotta love a little town. Krystle used her DS Personal Chef to make us some fried rice and wontons for dinner. And we hung out at the house.
New Years Eve. We had to pick up our rental car, and head to Barnes and Noble, and just kind of run around that day. Krystle told me it was her most boring NYE ever. Just pizza and the Disney channel. But I thought it was ok. It's what I usually do at home.
New Year's Day! BOSTON! We hopped into the rental car bright and early, and headed into the city. Checked into the hotel (Where they gave us welcome cookies) and then just looked at the city. Got ready to do stuff, and headed out. We were trying to hit a winery, but by the time we found it (after a detour at a shoe store where there was no tax and getting lost a couple of times) it was closed. Stupid holiday. haha. We grabbed Applebees for dinner, and then headed back to the hotel. A couple of friends who live in Boston got in touch, and we headed out for a night on the town. Now, my GPS hates Boston. All the tall buildings, and cramped area meant that it got no reception, so it took us 40 minutes to go 3 miles. Afterward we were all good. We hit a couple pubs, and then a bar with more Karaoke, and then headed to a friends house to play RockBand (I'm an addict) and then headed back to the hotel. Got lost, and didn't get back to the room until 5. In the morning. When we had to leave Boston by 11 in order to get the rental car back in time. Woke up at 8. Got ready, cleaned the room up, and headed out by 10:30. Took ridiculous back roads trying to find a road that didn't require a toll to get back to CT, but my GPS kept taking us to the same place. Made it back home just before 3, and dropped our stuff off. Grabbed a 2nd car and took the rental back. Grr rental car place. 45 minutes later, we left the rental car place and headed to a shopping plaza. Then met a couple Krystle's BFF for dinner. Mexican food. Good stuff.
Yesterday I went to WW, and then we hit Krystle's knitting group. Then we went to the mall in White Plains NY. Holy cow. This place was insane. 4 stories. Crazy stores. We went to VS, Sephora, the food court, and Steve Madden. I saw a pair of shoes in the window that I had to try, and we got a scratch off coupon for 40% off. All 3 of us bought a pair of shoes. I got this amazing pair of low wedges for work for only $12. Sweet. Headed back to Krystle's house, and spent the rest of the night vegging.
Right now, we're on our way to brunch, and then to a couple of places to get some last minute stuff for me to take on my flight. Headed home in 5 hours. Excited and sad.

Thanks for letting me guest blog! Jessica.


Channon said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to see y'all surrived the holidays while your mom sunned and funned without you! I wanna' shop with you...

gaylen said...

the shopping did sound fun. I didn't do much of any shopping. Where are the photos? g