Monday, August 27, 2007

One Wonderful Weekend

I haven't had internet access for most of last week, so I was unable to update! We left on Wednesday to go to Southington, CT, which is about an hour north of Southport. Friday was Gwen's little sister's wedding, and little Dan was the ring-bearer!!! So we had to be up on Wed. for the rehearsals. Thursday, I got quite a bit done on my knitting while sitting by the pool with the Little's, and there cousins. We also went shopping on Thursday with the kids...note to self: don't take the kids into a toy store without telling them exactly how much they have to spend before hand...or tantrums will follow!! Dinner that night was quite eventful, I met half of Gwen's family (which is very large!) and on Friday at the wedding I met the rest of them. I had to get little Dan into his suit before the ceremony (he looked soo adorable, everything was way big on him!) The wedding was a beautiful ceremony...and then the reception was a blast! We danced alot! Saturday morning was a nephew's birthday so we all went out to breakfast to celebrate that event...then as we were leaving all of Gwen's family was giving me hugs and welcoming me to the family! It was really sweet!

When I got back home on Saturday afternoon from enjoying all of the festivities, I went to the hardware store to get paint samples. The colors I narrowed it down to are called dill (which will be on 3 walls), Bourbon (which is the more peanutty color), and Friar's Brown (which is the dark contrasting brown). So you all will have to help give me your opinions on which brown should cover the 4th wall! I loved the idea of the entire room being brown, but all of the browns that I like are way to dark, and I think if they were covering the entire room, it would feel green and brown it is!

I also paid a visit to the local craft store, and spent way to much money on some card-making and scrap booking supplies! (Why is it that I have all of the expensive hobbies?!) But I did turn out some lovely cards, here is a picture of one of them and then some envelope detail that I did as well.

Sunday, I had a quiet afternoon. Went and got some coffee, and made my way to my new favorite spot! One of the more quiet beaches here...and my coffee and my book planted ourselves for hours!

Oh and check this out!!


~Tonia~ said...

What a fun weekend. Sounds like the family is really nice.

Cute card and envelope. I know how you feel about having expensive hobbies. Everything that I pick costs a ton of money.

Nichole said...

I like the darker of the 2 browns for your accent wall!
Hey Southington? That's where Matt's Mom & Stepdad live! :)
Love the cards!!!

Casey said...

That card is totally hanging on my wall right now!! :-) Thank you for the thank you (haha), and the card is absolutely awesome. Nice handy work.

Miss you!!