Thursday, August 9, 2007

Does anybody have a map?

Today I got LOST!!! I hate being lost, and even worse I hate being lost with 3 kids in the back seat (little ann, little dan, and the neighbor boy)...all of whom were shouting at me "this doesn't look familiar, where are we? Are you lost?" Yes I'm lost now shut up so I can figure out where I am going! Eventually we did find a Beach Park, not the one that we were initially going to, but a park none the less! Scott brought me home a map of Fairfield today, and then I looked on it to figure out where the park we were trying to find was...I was right next to it!! oh well, we'll venture that way again soon I'm sure. Other than that, just another day in the neighborhood.

I haven't been working on my knitting, but I did find the local knitting shop while I was out drinving all over the town! Maybe this weekend after I have caught up on my sleep, I will plop myself down in front of the tv, and watch a movie and knit away the afternoon...sounds good doesn't it!

Anyhow, Little dan is probably about to wake up from a nap, and I should go and fetch little ann from the neighbor's soon! (I know, I was excited to catch a free moment...I started the laundry!!)...What to fix for dinner tonight?...hmmm, well I'm going to go work on this latest dilema.

Have an enjoyable evening!

Oh, and will someone tell the Queen that her pathetic daughter is less computer savvy than she is so she will need to teach me how to turn on the thing that allows comments from the special letters...wha?


gaylen said...

My friend Jess left a comment saying The Princess sent her! Well you got the no annonoymous comments turned off. Good Start. When you go to the Comments Settings tab, You just have to mark "yes" for word verification. Then anyone with anytype of blog can comment but you won't get spammed! Hope you don't get lost again - what's happening to your adventurous soul?

The Princess said...

Adventure is one thing...and I love getting 'lost' and trying to find my way out, but it is a completely different thing to get lost with 3 anxious kids in the back seat...shouting and causing all kinds of stress...anyhow, no more getting lost...Scot got me a map! hooray! I shall continue exploring this weekend! :)

Nichole said...

Learning away around a new state, let alone town, with 3 little ones in the back telling YOU it doesn't look familiar??!! I feel for you... I really do! hang in there

Cass said...

I love your Mom!!! :D Nice to see your blog and {{{{hugs}}}} to you while you get settled.