Monday, August 13, 2007

What a great weekend!

Saturday was fantastic, as I have already noted. Sunday was great as well!

I found the beach that I got lost going to earlier in the week, and I just layed out and read for two and a half hours (until I was so hot and sweaty that I couldn't stand it anymore!!). I promptly removed myself from the heat and watched a couple of movies while continuing on my latest knitting project...yes-another scarf! Anyhow I got quite a bit done on it!

We had delicious bbq steak for dinner (my fave!) and then I proceeded to read another chapter of Harry Potter before I was off to sleep.

This week I am overlapping with the previous learn some of her routine and tricks with the kids, and then I will be on my own. It looks like it is going to be a pretty sweet week, 2 nannies, 2 kids, 2 two hour long naps for little dan, and little ann running off to the neighbors to play all of the time...looks like I'm getting paid to do whatever! Maybe I'll finish a lot on my scarf and start on the new stash...which has no solid plans yet! Oh and I'll be needing the queen to send me some more of that sea green yarn I'm working with! *thanks!*

We'll see!

Oh and could someone try to explain to me how you make the links where I could say "the queen" and if you were to click on it, you would be taken to my mom's page? Teach me, teach me!


Nichole said...

Highlight the text you want to link (i.e. "The Queen") with your cursor/mouse and then click on the little chain link looking icon on the tool bar of the post box (if you scroll your mouse over the buttons it'll say "link")... then enter the URL to what you want the text to link too. :)

~Tonia~ said...

Found you from "The Queen".

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Wow nice that the kids are allowed to go over and play with the friends so much. Sounds like a great job.

gaylen said...

Okay - update already. I want to know what you and The Littles (Dan & Ann) have been up to this week.

I see Nicole helped you with links. I do it different, call me when you are in front of the computer next time :)