Friday, August 10, 2007

Something familiar

Today it rained! I love the fresh scent of the rain, I love how it seems to clear the air, and the loud sound it makes when the large droplets collide with the roof! I absolutely love the rain!

Due to the rain, today we spent the majority of our day inside...Little Dan and I built a new and extravigant train track, while little Ann ran some errands with mommy. Then we spent hours playing on the tracks until it was naptime. And I actually had a little bit of a break to myself! (if you even believe it!) Everyone was out to the store, and with little Dan asleep, I was able to read some of my Harry Potter! -I am only on #6 though so I don't even want to know what is going to happen!

Today was good! After nap-time, and lunch, we went to the store to pick up the bare necessities, and we took the long route both ways so that I could be shown some of the most driven roads about town. Tomorrow I am planning on taking my map and going out and exploring the town. I have to get to a few destinations anyhow, so I think I will just set out and hope for the best, and if not, I don't work until Monday...I should be home by then, right?!

On the list of to-do: Go to the Camera Shop to see if they can repair my digital camera...I'm not sure what is wrong with it, but it won't turn on for even a second, even when it has freshly charged batteries!
Find a good cup of coffee!! I haven't had any coffee since Monday morning! and I am about to go crazy! You know us Seattle natives, we love our coffees! (especially considering last week I was a barrista!) I just hope I can get a cup o'joe that is decent around these parts or else I might have to just quit and fly home!

Try to find another pet store in town that scott was telling me about. I need a few more things for Sheila. The shelves that she needs in her cage are supposed to be plastic, as opposed to wire so that she doesn't hurt her feet or get stuck toes...and right now she doesn't have any shelves, because the new ones were metal so I just have everything crammed into the bottom of her cage. She is probably wondering why she had to move from the wonderful hedgehog mansion to this little shack, but hopefully I can remedy that tomorrow.

Anyhow that is it for me...hope to get the weekend errands taken care of so I can relax in front of a good movie and knit at some point!

Have a good one!


Nichole said...

OMG - Shelia is adorable! If you can't find a local store, try ordering from - they're in MA, great prices, fast shipping!
Have you found a Dunkin Donuts? Not sure how that compares to your Seattle coffee, but its what New Englanders run on... if the regular coffee is "weak" for you, try their latte. You *should* be able to find a decent Starbucks down that way as well... good luck! I hate traveling to new places and not being able to get a decent cup of joe!

Jessica said...

Nothing like a Seattleite being away from the rain and the coffee!! I know your pain! And the barristas outside of the PNW never know how to make it right!! We're such snobs, aren't we?