Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my little adventure

Taking me across the country. I am starting out as a Nanny in Connecticut. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life (well not entire...but mostly all that I remember!). Anyhow, I recently came to the conclusion that there are some things that I need to get out and experience, some new scenery to soak in...

So I am here now in my new room, after shlepping my life across the country with me! And Sheila, my pet hedghog too! So here we lie....for a few years, to have this so stated adventure! And travel, finish school, make some new friends, and who knows what else!

This blog is a way for me to let my family and friends in on how I am doing here...it was the Queen's idea...my mother that is! And she will be thrilled that I have stepped into her little online blogging world!

1 comment:

gaylen said...

Woo Hoo ! Now I can just post a comment that says "Good Morning, Good Morning, it's great to be alive!" Sounds like you're doing okay and the waterworks have stopped!!