Friday, August 17, 2007

And now for the real update!

So, I finally finished my book! Which means I can try to kniti again!
Yesterday, little Ann went to work with her mom, so the day was way more laid back...while little Dan was napping, the previous nanny and I each took an hour break and got to leave the house. Since I haven't found all there is to do yet, I went and found what I know...starbucks!! Yummy...not as good as the little stands from home, but better than the drip coffee from dunkin dounuts! (man I'm a coffee snob!) Then my coffee and I went and found...Marshall's, the discount clothing store. I was hoping to find some capri's or long shorts, b/c I packed all of mine in a box that has yet to arrive, and one pair of cpari's, a handful of skirts, and some long denim, just don't cut it in this heat! I need! more options!! BUt instead of finding any bottoms, I found 3 cute new shirts on the clearance rack for a total of $18!! hooray!

This weekend I am going off on an adventure to help a friend. I will be driving to poughkeepsie so that I can help my friend Casey move back into his dorm. I am excited to see him, because I don't have any friends yet, and it will be good to spend time with someone who knows me.
I will leave sunday morning, and on my way back...I found the route to a mall! I bet I can find some capri's there! They have some stores that I have never heard of, and some familiar ones to, so it should be fun to look around...and I am only allowing myself 2 pairs of new more! I must be strong!

Oh and tonight, the previous nanny has envited me to join her and some friends for dinner and some drinks at a local bar. Hopefully that will be fun!

I have gotta run to go get some errands done before little Dan wakes up and little Ann comes home with her mom from their hair appointments!

Have a good weekend!
Oh and i figured out the links!! Check out the Queen's page!


Nichole said...

Have fun shopping... and making new friends! :) You'll have to find out where the closest OUTLET mall is to you... ask around. We have some great outlet areas up this way (Kittery, Maine ... North Conway, NH ... and there's one down on the southshore of Mass too ...). I think you have an IKEA out somewhere near you too...

Nichole said...

Where in CT are you again? The Queen told me ... but the forgetful me forgot. My other half's family is in Manchester, Southington and Bridgeport... we visit Manchester the most out of those. ;-)

~Tonia~ said...

Have fun shopping. I am sure that you will find something at the mall.

Have a great time with the previous nanny and her friends. Sounds like fun.

gaylen said...

Be safe in NY - state. Hope you find some cool clothes to wear - but not too many!!! You are suppose to be saving money :) g