Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lovely Day, Lovely Day....

Today was just that! I got to go out and explore the town! and thanks to all of you commenters! I found a decent cup'a'joe, got my pet stuff ordered online, and finished everything on my to-do list and then some!

I found the small town knitting shop here! So adorable--and with all the goods inside. I initially left my wallet in the car to try not to spend any money. But after feeling up all of the yarn they had to offer, I couldn't resist a few new faboulous options! So I got: A skein of chunky baby alpaca in white, by Misti Alpacea; 2 skeins of cashmerinoin a smokey teal color, made by Debbie Bliss; and another Debbie bliss, in a dark charcoal, this one cotton denim aran and stonewashed. All of which are sooo soft and luxurious! :D I love yarn! I also love wooden needles! So I got some new ones made of rosewood, which i've yet to use.

So needless to say, my afternoon of knitting turned into an afternoon of shopping!! And then I did some excellent sightseeing of my lovely new town! Here is the new view:

and by the way...I'm not naked in all of my pictures, it just so happens that the majority of my favorite dresses (and I love wearing dresses and skirts) are strapless! One of these days, I will manage to get the dress in the photo to, and you will see, they are quite lovely


Nichole said...

Yea, yea and more yea!!! Glad you found the must have - coffee, pet supplies and yarn! :) What are you planning to knit with your new stash?
LOL, I was going to say "wow, she's really trying to make new friends snapping topless shots like that" - ha ha!

Jessica said...

does the LYS host a knit night? That would be a great way to meet people.
How cute is Sheila?????!!!! What a munchkin. my pet-food dealer (that sounds weird) has a hedgie in his shop...he sewed this fluffy little cozy for it, and it just burrows in that thing and never comes out!

gaylen said...

Hmmm - I think you might have more commenters than I do! I love how Jessica comments as "blogless Jessica" on my blog and just "Jessica" on yours! I'm glad you had a good day kiddo! Talk to you soon - mom