Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My exhaustion!!

Last week, little Dan got sick with Coxacki virus (aka hand, foot and mouth disease), and it was sooo sad. He was inconsolable, and all that anyone could do was hold him, and try to keep him calm. It would break my heart every time that he was crying b/c there was nothing I could do to make it better...he wouldn't eat or drink anything, and was just completely miserable for 3 days!! :( Worse yet, the doc said that Gwen and I would definitely get it from him from being with him so much while he was sick, and I have felt fine so I think that I am in the clear, of course i don't know what the actually time period that I could get it would be and I don't want to jinx myself....but hopefully I'm not going to get sick.

Thursday was little Ann's first day of first grade!! So exciting! The neighbor had his first day of kindergarten too, so both families were standing outside for at least 30 minutes before the bus came to take photos, and make sure they had everything, and then as soon as the bus swooped up the kids, the moms jumped in their SUV's and met the kids at school! It was pretty cute. little Ann said that she had a good day, and so far we haven't had any homework, although she did come home with a hw folder, so we may be getting it at anytime...

Friday night I went out with the gang for margaritas and Mexican! We went to this cute little place in Milford, called Cancun Charlies, which has an outdoor deck overlooking the ocean. It was pretty! Then we hung out at the beach for a while.

Saturday, I really didn't do much. I was going to paint my room this weekend, however, I decided that I would wait until the guest room is empty so that I can move sheila in there and sleep there while the paint fumes are present. Oh and I did decide to go with the darker brown for the accent wall-I think it will make a really stark and lovely contrast! I'm excited to get it done!

Sunday I woke up early for no reason. Then I went out and bought a new digital camera...if you haven't noticed-there has been a lack of pictures, because my camera has been broken. It was going to cost me an estimated (no body could give me an actually number) between $50-$100...So I started looking and I ended up getting the new camera on sale for $129!!

Then I spent the rest of the day getting ready for and helping set up for Caitlin's (Gwen's niece) 21st birthday party!! I just have to mention that these people know how to throw a good party! It was absolutely a blast! Unfortunately, I ended up staying awake until 4am, and then was rudely awoken by loud children at 7:30!! On top of that, I did have Monday off, but then Gwen and Scott ended up with tickets to the us open, and they go every year...so I watched the Littles until midnight! and then had to be up again at 7 today for work...needless to say with no naps and one extremely sleepless weekend, I am exhausted!

But it was fun! hopefully I get some more sleep this week! as a matter of fact, I'm off to bed now!


~Tonia~ said...

Wow what a weekend. It is never any fun when a little one is sick.

Sounds like you got a great deal on a camera too.

Hope you can catch up on some lost sleep.

gaylen said...

Sorry to hear that you ended up with Hoof-n-mouth! Hope you feel better soon. I'll be mailing you some trinkets ;} m

Blogfree Jessica said...

I got your message...sorry my phone was turned off! I talked to your mom last night, and i will call you monday! Oh boy...a Vizsla, trust me, you do not want them getting a Vizsla!!! Not only will you get too attached, they probably won't be able to control it...it'll end up leaving with you! Can't they get a hamster??? How about a turtle?? :o) I hear that goldfish make lovely pets!