Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've been busy!!

1st things first! Nobody signed up for my pay it forward game!! sad day! :(

So, I had a good weekend and I made some new friends!
Friday night I went out to dinner with Cara and some of her friends. Everyone had to get dressed up, because it was Cara's last night out. since we were already dressed for it, we decided to go out to the club. We went to this club in New Haven, and we danced the night away! it was a blast! At the end of the night we all exchanged phone numbers and they made me promise to hang out with them again!

Saturday I drove out to Poughkeepsie, NY to go help my friend Casey move into his dorm. We got to set everything up and then hang out for a while. It was good to spend time with a good friend from home!

Sunday At 9am I left the dorms, and found my way to the mall...I'm a girl its like a sixth sence right?! Unfortunately it wasn't the best shopping trip I've ever had. I didn't recognize 1/2 of the stores! Naturally I got upset and decided to leave. Once safely to the car, I called the Queen and she talked me into going back in and finding some damn capris! So I wound up with 3 pairs of capris, a clearance sweater for $4!, and a clearance dress for $4!! Great deals! So it ended up being a good day.

Monday started out as just another day with little dan and little ann. Little Ann stayed home with dad, while little Dan and I drove Cara to the airport. All of a sudden while driving home, little Dan became sick...I had to get off the freeway (no idea where I was) and clean up puke! Poor kid! Then by the time we got home, he was asleep so I took him upstairs for a nap. Except that at some point in his sleep he ripped his diaper off, so I then had to clean up gross pee bed! Later, we were playing, and he started crying agian, with seemingly no reason whatsoever, and when I picked him up, he vommed again...on me! I know I know, it isn't his fault, but it was pretty vulger! When he woke up from his second nap, I started dinner (this was at about 6pm. I get off at 6:30. So I run over to get Emma while the pasta water is boiling and then I come back only to get 'talked to' by the dad about how dinner should be earlier, even though little dan was asleep and sick, and little ann was at the neighbor's house. All in all not the best day!

Today! Today is going much better, I started moving into my room a little bit last night. I re-arranged to furniture, and put on my new sheets (housewarming gift to self), and the gorgeous comforter that the Queen mostly made, but i did do part of it!! Now little dan is napping, and I am putting the rest of my room together...So far so good. I like it! OH and I get to paint...I was thinking of going with a pale yellow, but that is the color of the guest room, so I think I am going to go with a brown color...not quite chocolate, but something brown...I will take pics once everything is all put together (probably before it is actually painted).

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!


blogfree Jessica said...

ohhhh, i just felt a cringe of irritation at the 'talked to' by the dad part. Ugh....so i guess he is a typical clueless man???!!!
Hang in there!

blogfree Jessica said...

oh, by the by....i LURVE the idea of brown!!
When we move to NY this winter, i am going to paint my living room brown!!

Nichole said...

You'll have to post some pics of your room - esp the quilt!!! :)