Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sheila's Second Round of shots...

Tonight Sheila and I will be making another trip to the veterinary clinic so that she can receive her second round of shots. I don't think that she is probably too happy about this, considering her strong dislike for car rides, but she will have to go anyhow.

She is not quite acting herself, and before I thought she was drinking more water than normal, now it seems like she is drinking very little water... and it doesn't look like the level of her food is going down much. Although she has eaten a blueberry from me every night when I've had her out. Who knows, I'm sure I'm just overreacting a bit, and worrying about her.

I'm sure they will tell me if anything has changed for the better or worse in the last week.

In the meantime, I did talk to the adoption specialist on the phone yesterday afternoon, and she had all the right answers for me. So while I am at the vet's office tomorrow, I am picking up an adoption form to look over. Then on Friday I am going to meet Charlie very early in the morning.

The good news about him is that although he has had to have surgery on both of his hips, the doctor said that there is no sign of Charlie needing surgery due to the same issues, that it was taken care of in the previous surgery. The bad news is that the family that used to own him claimed that he had fallen down a flight of stairs, although with his timidness and the way he gets nervous around children, the adoption specialist thinks that the children of the family may have abused him, and that he was probably pushed down the stairs as apposed to falling. Then the family gave him up so that they wouldn't have to pay for the surgeries.

Despite his less than charming past, he seems to be in good health, and should be a great fit for me. As long as he likes me when I go to meet him this Friday. Then I will make my decision after that.

For now, I am hoping for the best with My Sheila, and I will keep you posted on both of these 4-legged babes.

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Channon said...

Sending hale and hearty thoughts to Sheila. I hope you are just worrying too much and all is well. Keep us posted on Charlie. I know the Knight will have to have his hip replacement replaced at some point, but I'm guessing a dog's shorter life span makes that a non-issue?