Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sheila Is Sick :(

I don't know for sure what is wrong, but she certainly isn't acting like her normal self, and I am being a very worried mama... I was doing all this research online, and don't get me wrong the internet is great, but not when it basically tells you your baby is going to die! Not good!

So I found a vet that told sees hedgies and I am taking her in this afternoon.. they are squeezing me in because they don't have an opening but knew that it was important to me. (I think I like them already.) Although she doesn't much like riding in her carry bag, she needs to make this trip.. Sorry girlie.

Best case scenario, she is fine and I was freaking out for nothing.. At least I can get her checked out just to make sure, and hopefully that is that.

Wishful thinking today for my girl.


Channon said...

Sending good thoughts your way, and awaiting an update!!

veedogknitter said...

Oh, i am so sorry, and hope it is nothing!!