Thursday, October 29, 2009

Charlie On Thursday

Well, Charlie has been home for just about a week now, and he is a great dog! He is jumpy around loud sounds, and barked a few times in the middle of the night our first and second nights, but he has gotten so much better, and last night we slept quite peacefully!

He is a great walker.. staying mostly right next to me, and only running ahead to chase leaves! He is very playful, and other than playing with leaves he likes to try to get my clothes while I'm getting dressed, he tries to catch anything that moves...luckily he and Sheila are on a different schedule!

Here are some of the pictures from our first week together:


veedogknitter said...

I love how his face is shaved!! super cute!

Channon said...

Okay... Which of those photos is most accurate color-wise!? He's darling, but he needs a butt-covering sweater. I'll send you a link to one in my queue, to see if you think it would work.

Nichole said...

Charlie is a cutie - great pics!