Friday, October 16, 2009

Sheila Update

Yes I did go meet Charlie this morning and it went very well, but there will be more to post on that later. Right now I would like to update on my girl.

When we left the vet's office on Tuesday night, things weren't sounding so great. They said that they hadn't seen enough of an improvement with her over the past week and that if no drastic change for the better came about we were going to have to run some diagnostic tests on Monday when I bring her back for her final round of shots. The tests were going to be to find out if she had cancer, fatty liver disease, or anything else along those lines. My job is to keep watching her closely between the appointments and monitor her improvement.

Well I have never seen her as upset and worked up as she was Tuesday night at the Veterinary Clinic. Probably because she had realized that this was the bad place where they poke her with things and make her a little sore, and groggy. I thought she would be somewhat better when we got home, but she still wouldn't even let me touch her for a good half hour... which was fine, she stayed in her carry bag to calm down while I cleaned out her cage.

Then it was like there was a switch that flipped with her when I put her back into her cage. She ran over to her food and water, and was eating and drinking normally, then up to her wheel to run, then down to her litter for a dust bath, and then I swear that if she could smile, she looked out at me and smiled! She is back to normal! I am so relieved--granted I am still monitoring her, but so far, all is well! She has been running again every night, and eating and drinking normally, so I will have a good report to give the Dr. on Monday night when we go in, and then hopefully that will be the end of the stress for a while.

As far as the rest of the weekend goes... this weekend is Reinbeck's Wool festival, and I will be attending with several people from my knitting group. I originally was not going to allow myself to spend any money there, but then my mom, and several other people pointed out to me that if I find something that I love I am going to regret not purchasing it, so I am going with the mindset that I have a limit, and I can only use it on things that I LOVE! Then after the day of shopping all the vendors, and checking out all the cool wooly fun, we are going to an after-party. I'm not sure exactly what all this will entail, but I will be sure to post on it soon! Other than that Sunday I am going to a friends 25th birthday dinner and just running errands earlier in the day.. maybe taking a nap, or just lounging about the house with pj's on and my knitting in my hands :)

Have a great weekend!


Channon said...

Phew! I'm so glad Sheila is back to normal.

(And don't forget your mom has a birthday coming up and she's on another mydogneededmyyarnfund diet...)

gaylen said...

Love ya Chan! She says she already got my birthday pressy - we'll see. :)

Have fun kiddo - wish I could go to Rheinbeck. Sounds like big fun - don't spend too much money.

Super glad to hear that Sheila is acting normal again. g