Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sheila Is going to be fine

The Veterinarian said that she was the most handle-able hedgie she has ever had in, and that I must be a great hedgie mommy :)

She also said that although the expectant life of a hedgehog is 3-5 years and Sheila will be 3 in December, that her heart and lungs are functioning normally and she has no bumps or lesions on her tummy.. hedgies are also prone to a few different types of cancer that would cause bumps... so she is good there, and the lesions would be due to an aggressive parasite of some sort. She was losing her quills, but because she is eating normally and drinking normally... they think she is fine, but the losing quills is not normal. They put her under a small amount of anesthesia so that they could get a skin scraping and check more thoroughly for bumps or lesions. Again they found nothing, so they are giving her 3 doses of medicine to treat for any parasite that she might have. She got the first one from the vet yesterday and will get the next 2 within the next 2-3 weeks.

I will say that I was worried sick, and driving myself insane, so I am glad that it was nothing big! The funniest thing was that they have a little mini stethoscope to for hedgies (and other small babies I'm sure) to listen to their little hearts, and little lungs with. When the Vet was holding Sheila and trying to listen to her heart and lungs, sheila balled up around the stethoscope and was practically dangling from it.. which made it perfect for listening to her lungs, although it wasn't quite positioned correctly to hear her heart so I assisted in holding her for that.

I am so happy to know that there is a vet only half an hour away that I can take my baby to... just in case anything else goes on. Not to mention that she (the vet) has actually seen hedgies before, which is a huge plus because I wouldn't want anyone who didn't know what they were doing to be looking at her!

Anyhow, thank you for you good thoughts, and she is fine! Like I said a few more shots of medicine and she will be as good as new!

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Channon said...

How very cool! I have problems enough finding the right vet for my dogs, so I'm glad you and Sheila found a good one!

(And of course you're a good hedgie mommy...)