Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Charlie is Coming Home!

To my home that is! Which will be his home as soon as he enters it Friday night! I am so stoked to have him!

I got the call today from the Adoption Specialist while I was on my lunch. She wanted to let me know that my application was approved and that I can come and get him Friday evening :) I am so happy, and I feel like Charlie will be very happy here too.

Monday evening I had spent another hour with him after Sheila's appointment (the Vet declared her healthy again!) and he was so cute and hyper when I first arrived, but then he just settled back onto my lap again, and snuggled for the rest of the visit. I felt bad waking him up when it was time to go, but I suppose the people who work there would want to make it home at some point and I couldn't just stay there forever.

Charlie did smell Sheila's carry bag, but I put her up high because she was already stressed out enough being in the Vet's office, I figured I'd let her try to relax a little. They can get a better sense of who each other is when they are both home.

So I have some supplies already... I was given a crate from a family that I babysit for, and I have a leash, treats, and some toys for him. Tomorrow I think I will go out and get him a food and water bowl, and some food to go with it (I suppose he will want to eat). Then I should be all set to welcome Charlie home!

Super excited! Can't wait until Friday night!!


jb said...

hope he does well ith the transition to his future home. just remember not to call him up in your lap by sayin "up chuck, up chuck".

veedogknitter said...

I am so happy for you!!! Good advice JB!!
Charlie is so stinking cute...can we make "possum" be his middle name? I almost spit my coffee out when i read that comment!

Channon said...

You guys are too funny! I'd offer you our excess little dog supplies, but I think Charlie is too small for Mugsy's stuff (M was 22 lbs), and I'm sure he doesn't want Gretchen's pink/PANK stuff!!