Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am considering adopting a one and a half year old Toy Poodle that I found at the Vet's office when I brought Sheila in this past weekend. His name is charlie, and he is freaking cute.

Here is what I know about him already: He is potty trained (I spend too much time with children... what do you call this with animals? House broken? That sounds wrong... maybe house fixed.. eh potty trained works!), he is crate trained and can spend 8-12 hours in his crate without issues (although I think this is sad, and I would only have him in it while I was working), he is apricot colored, and I know his age and breed as I stated above, and sadly he has a bad hip. The good news is that he has already had surgery to fix it.

The things that I plan on asking this weekend and know I need to find out in order to make an educated decision about whether or not to get him:
1. How did he initially hurt his leg?
2. Would he need more surgery due to the same issue or is it taken care of with the first surgery?
3. How much does that type of surgery typically cost?
4. What happens if I do have to keep him in the crate for a long period of time (closer to 10-12 hours instead of 8-9) could he injure himself?
5. What are his physical restrictions due to his bad hip?
6. Is he on any regular medications? How much do they cost?
7. Does he have any special dietary needs?

Like I said, I will call and ask these questions within the next few days, and then if I still want to proceed I will visit with him while miss Sheila is receiving her next round of shots. If you have any questions to add to my list, please let me know! I want to get all the information I can before I make my ultimate decision.


Channon said...

Great list! Now, just remember to take it with you... (that's my problem... I make great lists, and then leave them behind!)

veedogknitter said...

ditto what Chan said!! ;o)