Monday, October 19, 2009

Nice to Meet You Charlie

On Friday I met Charlie. Of course I got to the vet's office long before they were open, or I was supposed to be there for that matter, so I was knitting in my car for a while (Yes that is on DW's Sweater). Then someone came and knocked on my door with Mr. Charles with her and I got to go inside with them and chat and sit and pet and play.

The adoption specialist was great, she again answered the next questions that I had thought of, and she informed me that she had talked to the vet who performed Charlie's surgery, and they said that they will cover any further procedures affecting his hip area, although the problem should be solved. This was awesome to hear, because now although it shouldn't happen, it is covered if it does. His surgery was 4 weeks ago, on his right hip and he still hasn't grown all his curly hair back yet!

I think that the cutest thing by far was that he kept trotting over to me and sniffing me, then trotting back to the AS, then me, and finally he trotted over and crawled up on my lap and lied down. The AS was shocked! She said that he hasn't done that to anyone before, so that must be a good sign.

And of course I couldn't stay forever, so when it was time to go, I called him back over to me (and he listened!) and said bye Mr. Charlie! Give me a kiss, and he did that too...

Such a sweet boy! Now I am just waiting to find out if my application is approved or not. They should let me know by Wednesday, and the AS said she didn't see any reason why they wouldn't approve me. But still I will have to wait and see. In the Meantime, Sheila has to go back (I'm fixing a quick dinner now, then we have to leave to be there in 45 minutes) to get her third and final round of shots, and hopefully sense she has been acting like herself again and had a good diet and gotten back into her routine, that will be the end of that. While they have taken her back to do her shots and whatnot, they will bring up Charlie again so I can visit with him some more before ultimately finding out on Wed.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

sorry, but it looks like a possum crawled up a bathmat!

Channon said...

I love Charlie's coloring best of all. No, scratch that... his pretty fur is second to the big smile that's all the way up into your eyes when he's in your lap!

gaylen said...

FYI - that anonymous was Mr. J! He's being a pill - he thinks Charlie is cute. Me too - you find out Wednesday? g

Anonymous said...

We only do "used" dogs at our house and Charlie looks like a winner! I hope everything works out for both of you.

veedogknitter said...

Ohhh! Charlie is so cute! I love that he picked you, too!