Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Swapin in the Rain!

Swappin' Yarns and Caffeine! Topic of the week: You know with Spring the famous saying goes "April Showers, bring May flowers", please tell us what you like to do when those April Showers are pouring down on you. Do you like to curl up with your knitting, take in a movie or crawl back in bed?

When it is dreary outside, the Little's and I like to take a little trip to the local video store! They can each pick out one movie to watch, and one sweet treat to enjoy during the movie. When we get home, I pop in one of the movies, and we all pile up to watch. I snag my knitting bag and they open their treats, and everyone is happy! Its a great rainy day pick up! They are however only allowed (by my rules) to watch one movie or two half hour TV shows daily while in my care, because I know G & S use the TV as a distraction for the kids while they try to get things done. This works out, because our rainy days usually come in pairs, we watch one of their movies one day, and the other the next day. Keeps the kiddos content, and I get to work on my knitting! Its a win-win :)

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